Sunday, June 26, 2022

FUEL I’m a car expert and these hacks are the best ways to save on fuel as prices go up AGAIN today

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NOW as the average price of a tank of fuel in the UK has reached £100, motorists are desperate for ways to cut costs.

And it gets worse: The RAC has confirmed that as of 1pm, prices have risen in just 24 hours to set even more records today.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “Another day and round of fuel price records with both petrol and diesel up a penny in 24 hours.

“Incredibly, in just one week the average cost of a liter of petrol has risen by more than 7p to 183.16p and diesel by 4.5p to 188.82p.

“Unfortunately, other price records were also set this morning, with the average cost of a liter of diesel at a motorway service station surpassing £2 (200.99p) for the first time ever.

“Motorway petrol is also at another record 197.18p.”

To help motorists, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has put together tips on how to get the most from your tank.

“The best advice for saving fuel is to shop around and find the cheapest fuel rates in your area.

“It’s usually cheaper to fill up at the gas stations of the big gas stations than at smaller gas stations.”

“It’s a good time to check your tire pressure, as lower tire pressure increases your car’s drag, which means your engine uses more fuel.”

“The heavier your car, the more fuel your engine has to use, so it’s a good time to declutter your trunk.”

“It’s best to turn off the air conditioning when driving at lower speeds as it uses an incredible amount of fuel to run.”

“When you’re driving at slower speeds, it’s cheaper for you to roll down the windows and turn off the air conditioning, but once you hit the freeway, roll those windows up because the drag of the open windows uses more fuel.”

“Excessive speed is one of the biggest gas guzzlers.”

“Consider a round trip rather than multiple short trips. Once the engine is warm, it works more efficiently.”

“Not only is sailing a dangerous driving technique, you also have less control over your car and are likely to go faster going downhill.”

“With a fuel calculator, you can calculate how much your trips will cost in fuel and how much fuel you actually need.”

Keith Hawes, director of Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, said: “As the cost of living crisis deepens, it’s important that we take every step to reduce additional costs, from our grocery stores to our car expenses.”

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