Sunday, June 26, 2022

FRESH AIR I’ve tried Dyson’s crazy new headphones that double as AIR CLEANER masks – is this the post-Covid future?

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DYSON has launched a brand new product like no other – a pair of headphones that double as an air filter mask.

We’re all pretty familiar with our mouths being covered due to the coronavirus, but the Dyson Zone takes things to a whole new level.

The Sun was given a rare early hands-on experience with the vacuum giant’s wildest invention, ahead of release, to find out what it’s like and what on earth it’s for.

First things first, this was not done with Covid-19 in mind – it was actually in the works years before the pandemic hit.

The main focus is on helping people breathe clean air, free from ever-increasing pollution, especially in busy cities.

So what’s better than packing tiny motors into the headphone cans?

Putting something so potentially loud right next to your ears is a bold idea, but Dyson is obsessed with motors and sound.

They’ve managed to make it so quiet that you can’t hear any nasty outside noises while the music is playing.

And as this is Dyson’s first audio product, the sound quality itself seems very good – although we’ve only had a brief moment to test it, it would take us a little longer to really put the sound through its paces.

The other big concern is that surely all that tech power is pretty heavy?

Well, no, luckily – sure it feels a little heavier than your usual headphones, but that’s not overly heavy at all.

The earcups themselves are also extremely comfortable, as is the headband at the top with a premium padding material.

How’s the air?

It’s an oddly pleasant experience that feels like having air conditioning on your mouth.

Dyson says it can capture 99 percent of particulate pollution like dust, pollen and bacteria.

And while it wasn’t designed with Covid-19 in mind, those who remain concerned about the virus will be wondering if it protects you from it.

Dyson’s answer is…we don’t know.

Engineers haven’t actually tested it against the virus itself to see.

But the device has been tested on tiny particles as small as 0.1 microns, the same size as a Covid-19 particle, so in theory it should work.

The mouth cover is actually removable with magnets, so you don’t have to constantly catch your breath.

You can also lower it when you are talking to someone or having a drink.

Air filtration is available in four modes: low, medium, high and automatic.

Despite a very futuristic look – something between Daft Punk and Batman nemesis Bane – I have a hard time imagining people wearing this in public without getting weird looks.

There’s obviously a real need in some overly polluted cities and I’m sure some buyers will jump on it for that reason.

But without a price tag, it’s even harder to predict whether the average Joe will want one.

However, we all know that Dyson products don’t come cheap.

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