Saturday, June 25, 2022

EYE PHONE I found iPhone’s HIDDEN camera app – you’ve probably never seen it

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YOUR iPhone has a hidden camera feature that you’ve almost certainly overlooked.

The Magnifying Glass tool uses your iPhone’s built-in camera to magnify text or objects so you can see them more clearly.

Magnifier has been around for years but was highlighted in a recent video posted by TikTok tech guru Katarina Mogus.

It’s part of Apple’s accessibility features designed to support people’s visual, physical, and auditory needs.

The idea is that people with visual impairments can use it to make their lives easier, but it’s also very useful for general users.

“Magnifier works like a digital magnifying glass,” says Apple on its website.

“It uses your iPhone’s camera to magnify whatever you’re pointing at so you can see the details more clearly.

“Use the flash to illuminate the subject, adjust filters to distinguish colors, or take a photo to get a static close-up.”

It’s easy enough to unlock.

First you need to open yours Settings app.

Then tap Accessibilityfollowed by Guided Accesswhich is at the bottom of the page.

Turn guided access On and then go back to the Accessibility settings page.

Beat access shortcuts and hit magnifying glass.

Now, if you triple tap your iPhone screen, you will open the magnifying glass tool.

This will launch a greatly enlarged version of the camera app.

You can control the zoom level with a slider at the bottom of the page depending on how close you want to look.

There’s also the option to take still photos with the magnifying glass, so you don’t have to hold your phone over the text you want to read.

You can change the color and brightness of the displayed image and also activate the flash – which is handy in the dark.

Accessibility features are primarily designed to help people who are mentally or physically challenged.

However, they can also be useful for able-bodied users.

You can use accessibility tools to set up voice commands to perform a variety of tasks.

This includes opening Control Center, going to the Home screen, opening specific apps, and more.

You can even use the feature to dictate and edit text with your voice.

Other accessibility features in iOS include VoiceOver, which reads websites or text messages aloud, and Assistive Touch, which gives places a digital home button on your display.

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