Saturday, June 25, 2022

Elon Musk says Twitter’s employee platform should be like China’s WeChat

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Elon Musk has told Twitter employees that if the company wants to be more successful, it should take cues from China’s WeChat app.

The entrepreneur made the comments while addressing the social media platform’s staff on his $44 billion acquisition of the San Francisco-based company.

Mr Musk, the world’s richest person, had his offer to buy the company accepted by the board in April but has since expressed doubts about whether it will go through, amid claims that bot and fake account numbers are much higher than expected.

During Thursday’s all-hands meeting, Mr Musk, who runs many Tesla businesses in China, praised WeChat, which has more than 1.2 billion users.

“They basically live on WeChat in China…. if we can replicate that with Twitter, we’ll be a big hit,” he told the meeting, according to Alex Heath The edge.

The Tesla boss said the success for Twitter would be to surpass the one billion daily users mark, he reported CNBC.

Twitter said in its first-quarter earnings call earlier this year that it had 229 million daily active users.

He also addressed concerns about layoffs at the tech company if its acquisition goes through.

“It depends. The company needs to get healthy,” Mr Musk said, a source at the meeting told the news network. “Right now the costs are outstripping the revenue.”

But he told staff that “anyone who is a carrier of meaning needn’t worry.”

And he stressed to staff why he enjoys using Twitter, where he has 98.3 million followers.

“I love Twitter,” he said. “I learn a lot from what I learn on Twitter.”

And he added: “Some people use their hair to express themselves, I use Twitter.”

Mr Musk was also asked about remote work, which he has vocally criticized at Tesla, insisting employees who don’t work 40 hours a week in the office would be fired.

“Tesla makes cars and you can’t make cars remotely,” he told Twitter workers, adding that if “someone can only work remotely and is exceptional, there wouldn’t be any point in firing them.” ”

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