Wednesday, October 27, 2021

EA secures patent New name for Fifa series revealed?

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Will the Fifa series get a new name? Electronics Arts has secured naming rights in the UK and the EU for the popular game series. Fifa no longer appears in it.

At the beginning of October it became known that the software company Electronics Arts could change the name of the successful Fifa series. The license with Fifa will expire in the coming year. So far, nothing was known about a specific proposal. Now a trademark application from Great Britain and the EU could reveal the new name.

The name “EA Sports FC” appears at the British Trademark Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office and also the German Patent Office. EA registered the name on October 1st and 4th. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that this could be the new title in the game series.

The timing also fits, because the registration is shortly before the publication of the first press release in which EA Sports boss Cam Weber mentions the name change.

The current Fifa 22 could therefore be the last version to have the famous name in the title.

The first reactions to the possible name are clear: On the Internet platform Reddit, fans of the game series are disappointed and are not at all enthusiastic about the plans. “That would be such a stupid name” was one comment. Another user suggests: “Obvious names would be EA Football or EA Soccer”.

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