Sunday, June 26, 2022

E-C4 ALL I’ve driven the ELECTRIC Citroen e-C4 – I’m blown away by the comfort but definitely not the performance

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Are you already thinking about switching to electric?

If it’s you and don’t want to spend the earth trying to save it, then this e-C4 could be the ticket.

Citroen’s first reasonably sized all-electric car costs less than £30,000 and delivers what the vast majority of potential EV buyers need to finally park their petrol engine.

While its fussy melted looks are somewhat polarizing, spend a little time on the road behind the wheel and I bet you’ll consider a conversion.

With a perfect world range of 219 miles (slightly less in the real world, of course) and a fast 100kW full charge in about an hour (or seven hours from a 7kW wallbox at home), its key stats stack nicely.

It’s not as fast off the assembly line as some electric vehicles, but speed is cheap in the electric car world and pretty much redundant in the family car arena, too.

The e-C4’s top speed is just 150 km/h and it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in around nine seconds, but it always feels lively enough thanks to its near-instantaneous torque delivery.

The steering is light yet precise enough, and you won’t feel the need to explore the handling limitations even when you’re in Sport mode.

It’s just not that kind of car.

It’s a comfortable car. A very comfortable car.

From the suspension to the seats, Citroen has spoiled you as usual in a trademarked way.

And especially in combination with the silence of an electric vehicle, the result is a particularly relaxed driving experience.

There are USB and USB-C ports wherever you sit in the neatly designed but severely toned interior, but the passenger gets an optional bonus in the form of a uniquely cool, extendable mount to attach their iPad to.

While the well-appointed entry-level Sense trim comes with all the safety packages you hope you’ll never need, for a few grand more the upgraded Shine Plus adds wireless charging, heated vegan leatherette seats, and a head-up -Display .

A bit pricey compared to the base petrol C4, which costs £22,000, but represents excellent value compared to competing EVs.

Citroen’s first serious one-size-fits-all electric car is worth considering as a convenient entry point into zero-emission ownership.

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