Sunday, November 27, 2022

Driver left THREE very sarcastic notes from angry homeowner for ‘worst parking of the year’ – but were they an exaggeration?

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THE ‘Worst Parker of the Year’ was declared when an angry resident left passive-aggressive notes on the window pane.

An outraged homeowner left not one, but three notes on the selfish parker’s car – and the news has divided opinion.

On several pieces of paper are the words: “I want to congratulate you on the worst parking so far this year!

“Not only is your car across the bay and a double yellow — which, by the way, makes it a great pleasure to back into my driveway — but your parking is disrupting the flow of traffic.”

“Once again – well done,” read sarcastically in giant bubble type as the parting word for the tirade.

After this picture was uploaded to Twitter, opinions were divided, but the consensus was that the note is typically British.

“I read this with a British accent and I’m American,” one commented.

One person, agreeing with the frustrated note-writer, wrote: “Next time use a 50p coin to write directly on the glass.”

Another agreed, saying: “Great idea! I should probably start sticking notes like this on my neighbor’s windshield because the guy parks like ac**t.”

“I’m honestly impressed,” added a third.

Others have indeed found inspiration, as one Twitter user said: “I’m going to start carrying A4 sheets of paper and a marker in my car now.”

However, several people were quick to point out the misspelling – “effect” should have had an effect.

This “typo” seemed to annoy some people more than the terrible parking itself.

One user suggested, “I hope you teach them to park, and they teach you to spell.”

“Someone should have left a passive-aggressive note about the ‘impact,'” seconded another.

“You can almost imagine Karen reaching into her pocket for the marker,” joked another.

This comes as other angry residents criticize reckless parking across the UK.

A driver was called out on Reddit earlier this month for having the “worst supermarket parking lot” ever.

The silver KIA was snapped in a parking lot after being left shaky in a bay.

The motorist struggled to park within the lines and abandoned his car after “four attempts,” according to a witness.

The user who shared it said: “The license really should be taken away or retested at this point.

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