Wednesday, May 11, 2022

DRIVE CRAZY Photo of car slapped with £150 fine sparks outrage… can YOU spot the insignificant reason behind it?

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A WOMAN was shocked to find she had been fined £150 after a tiny parking accident.

Elly Belfort, from Summer Hill, Sydney, came home last week to find her street full of cars.

As a result, she had to look for an alternative and managed to squeeze her Mini into a tight space behind another engine.

But the next morning, Elly woke up to a terrible surprise after being fined $275 (£150) on her windscreen, reports Yahoo News Australia.

The Summer Hill resident was accused of parking a tiny distance across from the driveway, but a photograph taken shows the driveway was not blocked.

She told Yahoo: “I accepted [the neighbours] I probably called the council because I really can’t believe a ranger would fine a car parked like that.

“I’ve parked my car like this many times in many other places and never had a problem.”

Elly revealed she has an ongoing knee problem that makes it difficult to walk long distances and was desperate for a place close to home.

She also had a run-in with her neighbors just two weeks ago, who were complaining about her parking lot near her driveway.

Elly said: “I parked there a few weeks ago. I heard it [the neighbours] Start yelling at me and saying, “How am I supposed to drive away, you’re blocking my driveway.

“They had no manners. They said they would convene the council.”

Elly then shared a photo on Facebook and said she was “perplexed” by the fine – and others overwhelmingly agreed.

One commented: “Oh this is just nasty. I would dispute that.”

“It’s close, but I can’t see you blocking the driveway. There’s plenty of room to drive in and out,” said another.

But one pointed out that “the car extends well past the wing of the driveway,” meaning she technically had parked in front of it.

“My general rule is to make sure my car doesn’t pass where the curb begins to drop towards the driveway,” explained another.

Elly said she would appeal the decision but had “little hope” that it would be overturned.

A spokesman for the Inner West Council confirmed they had received their appeal but insisted Ms Belfort was wrong.

They said: “The Highway Code states that no part of the vehicle should be on or over the driveway (including the layback).

“However, in this case the Council has reviewed the situation and will change the original fine to a warning.”

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