Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Do away goals count double in Carabao Cup semi-finals and are they extended in the event of a tie?

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With the Carabao Cup, it’s about time the competition moved on to the semi-finals – but there’s still a bit of confusion over the rules.

Manchester United will be hoping to outlast Nottingham Forest in what is expected to be a delicious two-legged tie.

And the winners meet either the high-flying Newcastle or Southampton in the final.

But the one question everyone wants to know is: do away goals count?

Cup football is great fun but can get a bit confusing at times.

Especially when the rules seem to change from competition to competition.

If a Carabao Cup semi-final finishes in an aggregate draw after two games this season, the away goals rule will NOT apply.

Should this happen, the tie goes into 30-minute overtime.

There’s no golden goal or anything like that – and if the sides are still equal after ET, it’s the dreaded penalties.

From semifinals to finals, VAR WILL be used in the Carabao Cup.

But it will NOT be used in rounds leading up to the semifinals this season.

VAR was used in the Carabao Cup in 2018/19 but the EFL chose to scrap the system last season as it was only used at Premier League venues.

This caused particular controversy in the FA Cup when Man City were awarded a controversial penalty at Swansea and were not allowed to use VAR despite Liberty Stadium having the system installed.

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