Monday, June 27, 2022

DEVIL’S WORK Inside Diablo Immortal – get a look at the NEW game just days before the big launch

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DIABLO Immortal is just days away from launch, bringing the legendary franchise to smartphones for the first time ever.

We spoke to the designers who made the game and got an inside look at the blockbuster RPG.

Diablo Immortal is an upcoming free-to-play game in the legendary Diablo series.

It was mainly developed for iOS and Android, but will also be available on PC.

Blizzard also designed it to be massively multiplayer, so you can meet and team up with other players around the world.

The game release date is set for June 2, 2022.

Diablo Immortal is set “after Diablo 2,” senior game designer Scott Burgess tells The Sun.

“Now we have corrupted worldstone shards all over Sanctuary,” he explained.

“These are essentially fragments of great power. So if any bad guy grabs a fragment, they can warp reality.”

A new Lord of Damnation wants to get his hands on these shards “to implement his grand master plan.”

The game has strong multiplayer elements including “clans and warbands” which is a small family of eight friends.

“You use that to run Helliquary raids, eight-person raids where you take on the ancient evil that lurks in the Burning Hells,” explained Scott.

“We also have dungeons, which are a great way to team up with friends for awesome loot.

“You will also encounter players around the world.”

There is full crossplay between mobile and PC, and a large town called Westmarch for players to congregate in.

The team has put a lot of work into making the game feel natural on mobile—while staying true to Diablo.

Speaking to The Sun, lead artist Hunter Schultz said: “My first experience as soon as I picked up the game was that it was immediately clear that this was a perfect development.

“The origins of the game come from a place where the mobile phone was used.

“How you place the spells lends itself perfectly to the use of this device.

“When I first picked it up, I thought, ‘That makes sense’.

“You have more control over placement than you would with a mouse or controller.”

There are new areas to explore, but we will also visit famous places.

Importantly, even places you’ve seen before may appear different.

“The lore is so deep, there’s so much great lore content to choose from,” Hunter said.

“There are different aspects of zones that we haven’t seen before.

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