Wednesday, December 8, 2021

DECISIVE ADV-ICE Seven dos and don’ts for driving in ice and snow – how many do you know?

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The UK is expected to be hit by snow and ice as the nation prepares for a freezing cold.

And as the streets get busier and more congested, here are some pieces of advice that can help you keep this winter safe.

On November 27, 2021, the Met office announced that parts of the UK are expected to experience “prolonged snowfalls” that could last throughout the winter months.

The general public was encouraged to carefully plan the trip and keep up to date with local weather reports and a range of helpful tips for traveling in difficult conditions.

It includes a guide from that revealed the seven do’s and don’ts for driving in icy weather

From checking your tire treads to driving in the right gear, this simple piece of advice can help you battle in tough conditions.

And make sure you don’t fall victim to some winter driving myths.

Everyday mistakes like braking and skidding when your car spins out of control can be fatal for all drivers.

Tim Alcock from said: “Driving on the roads in icy conditions is never ideal in the best of times, so drivers should make sure they are properly prepared and don’t make it any harder than it already is.

“Of course, the most important piece of advice we can give, if the journey is not absolutely necessary, is to leave the car in the driveway and at least forget about it until the weather improves.

“However, sometimes the drivers have no choice but to brave the worst of winter to get to where they need to be.”

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