Friday, June 24, 2022

DARLING BUDS BT just brought the Airpods Pro online at the cheapest price – don’t miss out. If you click any link in this article, we may earn affiliate revenue.

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WE JUST discovered a nice little Apple deal online.

BT just dropped the price of the AirPods Pro on its online store – and you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else.

UPDATE (23/06): Since the publication of this article, Amazon BT has re-priced and is offering the AirPods Pro at the same price of £184.

Over the last year or so, Apple’s noise-cancelling earbuds have generally cost around £189, with the occasional drop in price.

We’re used to Amazon offering the best prices for leading tech like the AirPods Pro, but right now BT is where you can save the most money.

You can collect them for £184 and there are no additional postage costs.

Since their launch in 2019, Apple’s top-end earbuds have become spectacularly popular.

Unlike the standard AirPods, the Pro version features ANC (Audio Noise Cancellation) technology that helps drown out unwanted background noise.

BT is also offering market prices for the standard 2nd Gen AirPods (£109) and the 3rd Gen AirPods (£154).

You can read our technical editor Sean Keach’s Airpods Pro review for an in-depth look at these industry-leading audio devices.

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