Monday, September 26, 2022

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion hands-on preview

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Building on the success of 2020 Final Fantasy 7 Remakeand hitting shelves ahead of next year’s release Final Fantasy 7 rebirth, Crisis Core Reunion is an upcoming remaster of the critically acclaimed 2007 spin-off.

With characters like Cloud Strife and Sephiroth showing up, core of crisis told a new story about Shinra and his mercenary team seven years before they were defined by the events of Final Fantasy 7.

The original PSP release of 2007 featured unique combat mechanics and expansion on the FF7 History as we have seen it before. The remaster was announced during September’s Nintendo Direct, but what exactly can fans of the series expect?

Prior to December 13, 2022 release date LatestPageNews Opportunity for a hands-on preview of the updated title. We played through the game’s first chapter to get a feel for its updated combat mechanics, voice acting, and animated cutscenes.

For our first-hand impressions of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunionread the rest of the article below.

As core of crisis takes place before the events of Final Fantasy 7, fans will be familiar with many of the characters that appear. Actual actors who starred in the 2020 remake FF7 have returned to the series to bring their performances to the prequel, along with updated character models and animations.

We’ve played through the first chapter of our preview session, in which the protagonist Zack, a member of “Soldier”, is dispatched to Wutai as part of the Shinra Corporation’s war effort to track down one of his missing comrades.

While the original PSP version used real-time combat, this latest installment of core of crisis also implemented some features found in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. However, it retains some of the unique leveling elements of the original and uses a slot-style system to boost attacks and even gain experience points.

Rather than having leveling tied to continuous combat, leaving it to chance seems like an odd design choice. However, the more damage Zack can dish out, the greater the likelihood of hitting the proverbial “jackpot,” all while ensuring experience is gained at a sensible pace.

But while there is visual and mechanical parity Make newthe level designs originally intended for the PSP have shown their age, with tight, boxy spaces in which each encounter can take place, with little variation.

Zack is also able to equip various Materias that can be used not only for casting spells, but also for enhancing physical attacks and healing. Certain enemies are weak to various elements that can be used to deal more damage.

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While there are only a few different enemy types in our brief preview, larger boss encounters (including one featuring the fire elemental summoning mainstay Ifrit) can present more of a challenge than the waves of low-level enemies for Zack to work his way through. With a balance of attack, dodge, block, and “limit breaks” (special attacks), each of these early encounters was both memorable and easy to overcome.

During boss encounters, enemies can charge up a special attack, but if Zack can deal enough damage to drain their energy bar, it also offers an opportunity to stun them for a limited time. This creates a nice risk/reward for trying to deplete enemy resources by throwing the kitchen sink at them, which in turn ends up depleting your own resources.

While Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion While it may not appeal more broadly to anyone outside of the series’ existing fandom, our early impressions place its unique approach to combat on a par with the 7 reissue while bringing with it enough intrigue to justify the remaster treatment, making it ideal for something to tide over ahead of the upcoming release of FF7 rebirth, which is planned for next year.

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