Sunday, November 27, 2022

Council’s £500,000 scheme to scrap bike hangar parking spaces has drivers furious

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FUMING residents have blasted a council’s £500,000 scheme to scrap car parks to make way for new bike hangars.

Drivers say the plans to create 150 hangars mean they won’t be able to park in front of their homes, despite paying £60 to £385 a year for a permit.

They claim that some of the cycle units, which will store six bikes at £60 a year each – so that’s up to £360 – have been placed by Green Council in Brighton and Hove in the middle of the car permit slots.

Ellie Reid, 34, from Brighton, said: “These hangars are a cynical ploy to raise more money for the community treasury.

“It’s a perfect example of another pet project from our bright green council that doesn’t make sense.”

Hove resident Laura King said: “This appears to be another weapon in the Greens’ bid to force motorists out of the city.

“These hangars are too big for the parking lots, making them unsafe for pedestrians, especially wheelchair users and the visually impaired.”

Brighton and Hove City Council plans to build 150 cycle hangars by 2023, creating 900 cycle spaces.

Councilor Steve Davis said, “Bike hangars provide a way for people in homes with little or no space to securely store bikes.”

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