Sunday, August 7, 2022

CLOSED BOOK How to Use Facebook in “Stealth Mode” by Hiding Your Online Status

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WANT to use Facebook without anyone knowing you’re logged in? There is an easy way to do this.

It’s possible to hide your “active status” – the little green light that appears next to your profile picture when you’re online.

Facebook and Messenger use active status to indicate whether you are online or not.

It’s a green dot that lights up next to your profile picture when you’re online or recently active.

That way your friends can tell if you’re around or not and give them an idea of ​​how quickly you might reply to a post or message.

Active status is activated when you open the Facebook or Messenger apps or log into the service using a web browser.

It is possible to hide your online status so that others do not know when you are surfing.

You can disable active status on Facebook and Messenger in their respective apps.

However, disabling active status on one service does not automatically disable it on the other.

According to Facebook, “When you turn off active status, you appear still active or recently active in all other places you use Facebook or Messenger, unless you turn active status off in those places as well.”

That means you need to turn it off on Facebook and Messenger on every device you use those services on.

If you disable active status on desktop, it will be hidden when accessing either Facebook or Messenger.

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