Saturday, August 13, 2022

CAPTURED ON CAMERA Driver applauded for blocking speed camera while parking his car – but the image is dividing opinions

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A DRIVER is divided after parking his car in front of a speed camera to help motorists avoid fines.

The man parked next to the unmarked mobile speed camera to prevent speeding drivers from being caught.

He posted a photo of his setup on Facebook with the caption: “Had 10 minutes to kill so parked on the curb for a break.”

The Australian driver has been hailed as a “living legend” for his choice of parking spot, while others noted that “not all heroes wear capes”.

But some motorists hit the man, arguing he was blocking the sign warning drivers the camera is there.

One said: “Thanks, now you’ve hidden the car. People get ready when they drive by.”

Another wrote: “People think this is actually blocking the radar and camera.

“Do not do it! All it does is just hide the car and deny motorists the ability to slow down when they need to.

“At the end of the day, this guy and everyone else who does it is just wasting their time and actually helping the speed cameras.”

A third said: “It doesn’t block anything. Unfortunately you just blocked the opportunity for oncoming traffic to see the camera car and give it an opportunity to slow down if needed.”

But some disagreed, with one writing: “If he’s blocking the rear window with his vehicle, he’s definitely blocking the radar and camera.”

Others pointed out that he was parked on the sidewalk and could be hit with a fine.

The motorist is not the first to try to block a speed camera in favor of other drivers.

A BMW driver was branded a hero in 2017 after parking in front of a camera and blocking it with his boot.

Chris Welford had an hour to kill so he stopped his car and opened the boot to block the camera in Skelton, North Yorkshire.

But the cops weren’t impressed and Chris said he was visited by officers hours later and warned he could have been taken to court for harassment.

Speed ​​cameras are a controversial point when driving for many motorists.

But jammers, which ‘block’ the signal from speed cameras, are against the law in the UK and many other countries – and if you use one you can face massive fines.

Last year, a man who stopped police officers from using a mobile speed camera to locate motorists became the first person in Britain to be prosecuted for blocking a speed camera.

Jack Cureton, 63, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, claimed the van was “parked illegally on the pavement” and jammed his mobility scooter.

He parked his scooter behind the speed camera to block it – and once got an umbrella from a passerby, blocking his view.

The grandfather took aim at the vehicle 12 times before he was fined £400 in Sheffield Magistrates Court for restricting a certain person from carrying out speed checks.

The intentional obstruction of a police officer in the exercise of his duty can be punished with up to 51 weeks in prison in addition to a large fine.

But devices that tell you the location of speed cameras are legal in the UK.

Mobile speed cameras are run by individuals, so it’s their job to fine you – or worse – if you exceed the legal speed limit.

According to the RAC, the latest speed camera technology enables the recording of detailed videos and images of drivers from a distance of up to one kilometer.

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