Monday, November 28, 2022

Can I charge an electric car if I don’t have a driveway?

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ELECTRIC CARS are the future of our roads, but there are still some uncertainties about their battery life and where they can be charged.

If you’re worried about not having a driveway or space to charge your electric car, we’ve got all your questions answered for you here.

At least 25% of UK households do not have off-street parking and have to park their car a little way from home.

To charge your electric vehicle, you must do so at a public charging station.

Or you may need to find a charger that is as close to your property as possible so you can have the car close to your home and still get the charging cable to the charging station.

However, this can be a dangerous solution as charging cords lying on the sidewalk can pose a hazard to pedestrians.

What you can do is put up a brightly colored cable protector, similar to those found on construction sites, so that it will catch people’s attention as they walk over your cable.

This can normally be bought for around £20.

If you have street parking in front of your house, you can also try to charge your vehicle directly from your home.

We would again recommend putting up some colorful wire bridges.

If your job provides parking lots that are also charging stations for electric cars, then you can do this.

There may also be some private chargers near your place of work and you can have your electric vehicle charged while you cover your shift.

If you find that the electric vehicle is fully charged by lunchtime, you can unplug it during that time.

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, companies are still exploring the benefits of having a charging station in the workplace.

If only one person in a company has an electric vehicle, it makes no financial sense for the company to set up a charging station.

More public spaces will be set up to charge electric cars.

Try to find charging points that are close to places you typically need to run errands or just visit so you can still be productive while waiting for your car to charge.

In the future, you should consider setting up a charging station for your own car somewhere near your home or perhaps in a garage you own nearby.

Charging stations cost more than if you had to charge your electric vehicle at home.

With the cost of living crisis, you want to find ways to save, and spending some money to set up a personal charging station could save you hundreds in the future.

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