Monday, November 29, 2021

Beware of fraud! Phishing mail lures Fritzbox users into the trap

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A new variant of phishing emails is apparently targeted specifically at Fritzbox customers. The message appears as a message from the router – and should not be opened under any circumstances, warns manufacturer AVM.

The routers from the Berlin manufacturer AVM – better known under their brand name Fritzbox – are used millions of times in Germany. This makes users interesting targets for senders of phishing emails.

According to the I.T blog “Caschy’s Blog” has now warned that fraudsters are sending messages that should look as if their own Fritzbox had sent them.

Normally, this can actually happen – for example, if you have also set up this as an answering machine and the messages can also be sent as audio files.

By the way, you can find out how to set up your Fritzbox here.

A message currently circulating from fraudsters disguises itself as exactly such a Fritzbox push service e-mail, warns AVM. The supposed answering machine message is attached to the mail.

But if you want to hear what the content of the message is, you are falling into the trap: the file is said to contain malware that will lodge itself on the computer after opening.

AVM advises not to open any links or attachments with such mails. If you have not yet set up the answering machine function, you will not receive a corresponding message from your Fritzbox and can quickly expose these mails as fraud.

But even those who use the function can quickly recognize a malicious background: For example, you should first check whether the telephone number mentioned in the e-mail, at which the supposed message was received, is actually your own – if not: delete the message.

In addition, a look at the attachment itself can expose the fraudulent email: Only if the file extension is “.wav” (stands for a wave audio file), an audio message from the Fritzbox could be hidden behind it. Executable file extensions such as “.exe” also clearly indicate malicious intent.

Immediate deletion helps here too.

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