Saturday, August 13, 2022

BAD CHAT The three biggest WhatsApp mistakes you make – and how to stop them

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WHATSAPP users make big mistakes every day – are you one of them?

We’ve rounded up some of the most common mistakes you may be guilty of.

There is a clever scam you need to know about.

The attack revolves around the six-digit verification code that WhatsApp issues when you want to regain access to your account.

It also involves a hacker taking control of one of your contact’s WhatsApp accounts and sending you messages pretending to be them.

The hacker will send you a message pretending to be your friend around the same time you receive a text message or email from WhatsApp with a verification code that the hacker requested by pretending to be you .

This code is only given when you try to make changes to your account.

The hacker posing as your friend will pretend that he accidentally asked for the verification code to be sent to your number and will ask you to send it.

You should never share the six-digit code with anyone.

If you do this, the hacker can take over your account.

You will no longer have access to your account and the hacker can try to scam your friends and read your private messages.

If you get a suspicious message from a friend, try calling them to see if you can speak to them in person and check what’s going on.

Make sure your WhatsApp does not store all media files in your phone storage.

Open WhatsApp, click “Settings” and then click “Storage and Data”.

Then click on “Chats” and turn off a switch called “Save to Camera Roll”.

You can also prevent the app from downloading media from individual chats.

Just go to the chat you want, click its title at the top and change the settings via the “Save to Camera Roll” option.

You should now turn on 2-Step Verification.

This is an extra step in verifying your phone number to keep hackers out.

Hackers regularly try to break into WhatsApp accounts.

Hijacking a WhatsApp account is an easy way to gain the trust of your friends and family, which allows for even more sinister scams to be carried out.

To turn on 2-Step Verification, go to Settings > Account and toggle the setting to On.

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