Monday, September 26, 2022

Apple Watch Series 8 and SE Review: Sleek, Easy to Use, and Responsive

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Since the launch of the first Apple Watch in spring 2015, the tech giant has dominated the smartwatch market. That’s because of factors like flawless build quality, an intuitive interface, easy connection with an iPhone, and increasingly excellent health monitoring.

There will be three Apple Watch models this year: Apple Watch Series 8 (replacing last year’s Series 7), Apple Watch SE second generation (no pricing for guessing, this takes the place of the first SE generation, which is now retired ist) and the brand new Apple Watch ultra. The latter arrives September 23 and is a more expensive model aimed at those who like sports, with a larger screen, buttons that can be pressed through gloves and more.

Most people have a choice between the Series 8 and the SE, which is now the entry-level Apple Watch. In fact, there are more choices as Apple has always prioritized customization with the Watch.

There are two case sizes so you can start by choosing the one that best fits your wrist. Add to that the metal finishes (aluminum for the SE, aluminum or stainless steel for the 8 Series) and a choice of colors. Then there are countless bracelets and bracelets to choose from: a silicone bracelet for swimming and a leather bracelet for the evening maybe? Special editions from Nike and Hermes are also to be considered. Many options.

Please note that you need an iPhone to pair the Apple Watch. The companion iPhone provides the watch with its data connection, although you can pay extra for models with their own cellular connection, so you don’t have to take the iPhone with you. Even the base models have GPS, so you’ll get accurate results when running, for example, without your phone.

I tested the Apple Watch models for ease of setup, how easy it is to pair them with your iPhone, the speed and responsiveness of the watches, the ease of use of key apps, and how long they last between charges. I also checked how well they read the time – they stay accurate to a fraction of a second.

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