Sunday, October 17, 2021

Apple is working on earplugs that can take your temperature

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Apple is reportedly working on AirPods that can read your body temperature, improve your hearing, and monitor your posture.

The Apple Watch is already able to monitor aspects of your health and The Wall Street Journal now reports that documents and sources have indicated that the company is looking for ways to turn its signature earplugs into a health device.

but The diary writes that it remains unclear whether Apple is trying to “develop specific new hearing aid functions for AirPods or to market the existing hearing enhancement functions of the earphones as hearing aids”. The report suggests the company is keen to add health features to other products beyond the Apple Watch.

The tech giant is reportedly working on a version of its earbuds that could determine the wearer’s core body temperature from inside the ear, documents show The diary.

To monitor the posture of the wearer, the earbuds would “lean on the motion sensors in the earbuds” and then send a warning to the wearer to alert them that they are crooked.

The diary advises that using AirPods to improve your hearing would “significantly extend” the range of the product and help users with less severe hearing problems that may go untreated.

Apple’s AirPods Pro already have a feature to improve the wearer’s hearing.

But there’s still no word on when an item like this might hit shelves, sources report The diary that there is a chance that headphones of this type will never hit the market.

The hearing enhancement feature would likely be an extension of existing features known as Conversation Boost and Live Listen. Earlier this month, Apple released a feature that amplifies the tone of people speaking in front of the user they may be having a conversation with.

New FDA rules “allow a new class of cheaper hearing aids to be sold directly to consumers for the treatment of mild to moderate hearing loss” The diary reports, which means the AirPods could be marketed as hearing aids.

To measure the temperature in the ear, Apple is reportedly trying to build a thermometer into the earbuds, similar to the skin temperature gauge that was an alleged addition to the Apple Watch.

The diary writes that such features are unlikely to be available until next year.

AirPods Pro without a stem should be available next year.

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