Friday, January 20, 2023

Amazing hack how to get in your car when the door is icy

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A SUPER quick and cheap hack to unlock your frozen car door in less than a minute has been revealed.

Nothing is more frustrating than being delayed on your commute or school run when freezing temperatures have sealed the floodgates.

Most people can defrost their engine simply by letting the engine heat up on its own – but what happens when you can’t get into the car?

Deicer sure works on your icy windshield, but it’s not always effective on car door locks.

Instead, try heating the key with a lighter for less than a minute and it should slide in easily.

A lighter can cost you less than £1, with the Bic brand charging just 0.71p.

If you don’t have a lighter handy, a match would work too – a box of 90 can be purchased from Amazon for £8.99.

Boiling water is another option, if no flame is available, just dip the key in and let sit for about 30 seconds.

However, it is much more practical to carry a lighter or matches with you – in case the lock is frozen again by the time you arrive at your destination.

If this is the case you may not be able to relock it and risk losing your vehicle to theft.

It’s important to be safe when using an open flame or handling hot water, so be sure to wear gloves, gloves, or tongs for added protection.

Other methods such as chipping off ice covering the lock could damage the lock in the process, and larger flames such as a blowtorch could also damage the paintwork.

This is what happens when people share their frozen car hacks, including a woman who demonstrated how to defrost the windshield.

Your hack only costs 50p and most people will already have the item at home.

The woman reveals all you have to do is fill a freezer bag with hot water and rub it across your windshield.

Surprisingly, the video shows that it only takes her 30 seconds to thoroughly defrost her car.

However, drivers are warned to make sure the water isn’t too hot or they could break the glass.

Another trick shared on TikTok showed a driver de-icing his windows with rubbing alcohol and a rag.

The ice on your windshield melts away in seconds.

These tips could save you thousands, as Rule 229 of the Highway Code states: “Drivers must be able to see, so clear all your windows of snow and ice.

“Make sure your mirrors are clear and the windows are thoroughly demisted.”

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