Sunday, June 26, 2022

ALWAYS WATCHING Mark Zuckerberg allows parents to control their children in the metaverse, including what they see

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Meta by MARK Zuckerberg continues to work on his Metaverse, adding new virtual reality security features.

Meta’s Quest VR headset is getting some new parental controls designed to help an adult control how their child uses the Metaverse.

Parental controls can only be used when a child has an account linked to their parents.

Parents should be able to control things e.g. B. who your child is talking to and what kind of apps they can use.

They can also block content they don’t approve of.

Vaishnavi J, Meta’s Head of Youth Wellbeing, said: “We are adding more in-app interventions to encourage teens to have more positive experiences online with a variety of content.

“And also just being more mindful of the time they spend online.”

The move comes as concern about the metaverse’s impact on children has grown among experts.

In a recent white paper, Common Sense Media revealed potential risks for children using the Metaverse.

The organization pointed out the physiological dangers that the Metaverse can induce, such as nausea, eyestrain and other forms of “cybersickness” in children.

The company said children’s privacy could be violated by collecting non-verbal data such as facial and eye movements.

There are also concerns about unsavory characters exploiting the metaverse’s anonymity.

Studies have shown that many users have experienced sexual harassment on VR platforms – 36% of men and 49% of women, to be precise.

A recent report by a journalist posing as a 13-year-old on the Metaverse revealed that the woman had received rape threats and abuse.

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