Thursday, December 22, 2022

All migrants from the Albanian Channel should be barred from applying for asylum under strict new laws, MPs are demanding

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ALL Albanian Channel migrants should be barred from seeking asylum in the new UK under new emergency laws, MPs say today.

A group of 40 Tory MPs led by former Brexit Secretary David Davis have joined forces to call on Rishi Sunak to come up with urgent plans to deal with the deepening migrant crisis and save lives.

They are urgently calling for new “common sense” rules to reject 100 per cent of Albanian asylum seekers as they come to the UK straight from a safe country.

More than one in four of the 40,000 who made the dangerous crossing from France to Great Britain this year alone comes from Albania.

The group – which includes nine former ministers – says the quirks of modern slavery in Britain’s laws should be removed immediately – so officials can bring them straight back home.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Mr Davis said their plans would “take a lot of pressure off our immigration system” – and could help ministers find a “workable solution”.

It was signed by former chiefs Sir John Hayes, Liam Fox, Esther McVey and Tory chief 1922 Sir Graham Brady.

The letter continues: “These proposals are a straightforward and legally workable way to address the Channel crisis.

“They would save lives, be fair to genuine asylum seekers and protect the interests of residents living in areas currently facing extreme pressure from thousands of migrants coming to our country.”

Other European countries like Sweden, which is a member of the European Court of Human Rights, can turn down anyone who seeks asylum from Albania, they say.

But they warn that a crackdown would result in an increase in boats trying to make it before being turned away.

The prime minister has ordered 250 additional decision-makers to help clear the backlog of Albanians awaiting decisions on their cases.

A Home Office source said: “The Prime Minister has made it clear that this is a major priority for the British people at this time

“Therefore, as expected, the Home Secretary is working flat out alongside the Prime Minister to introduce reforms that will help stem the flow of migrants across the Channel.”

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