Saturday, June 25, 2022

ALL ABOUT HUE I’m a color expert and that’s what your car’s paint says about you – are you owl, chili or heron?

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Choosing the color of your car is a tough decision – but turns out the color of your engine can say a lot about you.

According to this expert, your vehicle’s tint can show your true colors thanks to your subconscious preference.

Loud engines are usually driven by people who like to be seen, while more reserved hues suggest you want to avoid the limelight.

A study by new auto finance company Carmoola examined the personality traits of drivers who own cars in the top ten most popular hues.

The research found that 31 percent of owners chose the vehicle they currently drive solely because of its color.

White, black, silver gray and red vehicles are a common feature on UK roads – with gray being the most sought after.

Top color psychologist Karen Haller explained, “We have an emotional response and respond to color every waking moment.

“Color can change the way we think, feel and behave in an instant!

“The colors we choose to surround ourselves can help support how we feel, how we want to feel, or how we want others to perceive us.”

So, which persona goes with the color of your engine?

If you drive a gray car, you most likely prefer to stay behind the scenes and shy away from the limelight.

Blending in with the crowd is your forte, hence your decision to buy a gray engine.

Typically, you like to fly through life inconspicuously without attracting attention, but have a rather conservative attitude.

Gray motorists are measured, think and do not make hasty decisions.

Whoever sits behind the wheel of a red engine loves life in the fast lane and is always the center of attention.

You stand out on the street and in every other scenario as you are probably a confident person who likes to take risks.

These aren’t always calculated though – you’re very spontaneous and probably the liveliest of friends and the boldest, most outgoing.

The wavelength of the color red travels the fastest to the eye, so we see red before we see any other color, making it seem like it’s going faster.

Surprisingly, if you’re getting around in a silver car, you’re not conspicuous.

Although you probably have many attributes for those who own gray cars, you simply prefer the prestige of silver.

These drivers are usually easy-going and calm, preferring the finer things in life and on the road.

You are measured against everyday life and enjoy spending the money on things that make life a little more exciting than the norm.

Aidan Rushby, CEO of Car financing app Carmoolasaid: “Buying a new car is one of life’s greatest pleasures and the color of the vehicle will clearly play a part in that.

“Manufacturers are constantly making subtle changes to the colors of their vehicles, even though the core colors remain the same, because they sell so well.

“But our choice has a deeper meaning and many elements play a role. Our data shows that 31 percent of people chose a car solely because of the color.

“But in an ideal world, other considerations should come first, like price or monthly payments.”

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