Thursday, January 19, 2023

Alex Scott reveals moment Uber driver tried to kidnap her in horrifying ordeal after saying ‘girls like you I kill’

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ALEX Scott has revealed the moment an Uber driver tried to kidnap her, saying: “Girls like you I kill.”

The football expert, 38, says her “body went numb” when the driver told her he wouldn’t take her home.

She recalled fearing she would never see her mother again and had texted her agent to “send a search party” if she didn’t return soon.

The horror unfolded when Alex worked for the BBC at the 2018 World Cup in Moscow.

She says the only way to escape was to convince the “sick man” that she was a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin – whom she had only met that morning.

The 38-year-old recalled the horror in her memoir, titled How (Not) To Be Strong.

In her book, Alex recounted how the BBC typically insisted that staff use officially pre-booked cars when traveling on business.

But after going out for drinks with a friend, she decided to take an Uber for the 15-minute ride back to her hotel.

Alex recalled that the driver, who was “a burly, bald man with a grin on his face,” turned to face her just minutes into the drive.

The Mirror reported that Alex wrote in her book: “He looked at me and said – in English – ‘Tell them they’ll never see you again.’

“‘I don’t understand,’ I stammered.”

The former lioness said the driver then opened Google Translate on his phone and spoke to it in Russian.

She waited with bated breath for the translation.

Alex recalled that her “body went numb” when she saw the words, “‘I’m not taking you home tonight.’ [it] to read. ‘You come with me.'”

Alex described how, through the driver’s phone translation and his broken English, he began telling her “horrible, horrible things: how he takes girls like me, how they never make it home.”

She said she frantically texted her agent from inside the locked car and “told him if I wasn’t back in 15 minutes to send a search party.”

But the driver’s next insistent message over his phone was, “Girls like you, I kill.”

Alex recalls, “‘Oh my god’ was my first thought… ‘I’m never going to see Mum again.'”

Then she had a flash of inspiration – that she had been with Putin that morning.

Alex wrote in her book: “‘You can’t kill me,’ I said. ‘I have to see Putin tomorrow.’

“He started laughing. “No one sees Putin”. I rummaged around and pulled up photos from the morning’s visit to the Kremlin that had made headlines.

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