Thursday, December 22, 2022

A glimpse into the incredible £300 billion fortune of the Qatari royal family, featuring the world’s largest palaces and most expensive supercars

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WITH a net worth of nearly £300 billion, the Qatari royal family is all about flaunting their wealth with the finest palaces, the fastest cars and the biggest superyachts.

The ruling family of 8,000 members, all of whom can be traced back to the 17th century, live the life of luxury with an impressive property portfolio.

The Qataris own 95 percent of The Shard, as well as Harrods and Paris Saint Germaine Football Club, and have stakes in companies such as Porsche, Louis Vitton and Barclays.

Whilst you’ll also snag rare million pound supercars, stunning mega yachts and the finest racehorses and fly with your very own VIP airline.

Not content with their lucrative investments, the family set out to popularize the country by hosting some of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Qatar will host the World Cup this year and will host the Asian Games for the second time in 2030.

The move drew fury from human rights activists after the hosts were stalked by protests over poor conditions for stadium workers and the criminalization of same-sex relationships.

The World Cup will see millions flocking to the Middle Eastern country known for its crackdown on freedom of expression and dissidents – with £173bn being spent on infrastructure for the event.

At the head of the ruling family is Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, 42 – who is worth £1billion alone.

Tamim succeeded his father as Emir of Qatar in 2013 after his brother renounced his claim to the title, while many family members hold senior positions in government.

Most of the family wealth comes from the Qatar Investment Authority, which controls oil and gas reserves and was established by the state in 2005.

The proceeds have enabled the House of Thani to acquire luxury properties around the world, including a stunning 43,000ft waterfront mansion on the Doha waterfront.

The property’s stunning interior is complete with marble floors and filled with 18th-century artwork by Sotherby’s.

The King also bought one of Britain’s most expensive mansions – Dudley House.

The £200million estate at 100 Park Lane has been nicknamed the ‘Sheikh Shack’ and even the Queen herself said the estate makes Buckingham Palace ‘look boring’.

It is believed that it took six years to meticulously renovate the 44,000-square-foot, 17-bedroom palace.

There’s also a 50-foot ballroom, stunning views over Hyde Park and interior furniture worth an estimated £100m.

Other properties include a stunning 15-bedroom Parisian residence and two other houses on London’s exclusive Cornwall Terrace, which they wanted to transform into a “mega-mansion”.

Cornwall Terrace is said to be the most expensive row of houses in the world.

The family also has an impressive collection of private jets as well as a VIP airline that caters exclusively for them, Qatar Amiri Flight.

In 2018 her private jet, valued at an estimated £500million, was put up for sale with a dining room and sick bay.

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