Sunday, January 22, 2023

10 bizarre secret features you never knew your car had – from keychain hacks to hidden umbrellas

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DRIVERS are just beginning to discover some bizarre secret features in their car, including a key fob hack and hidden umbrellas.

While you might think you know your car like the back of your hand, it’s easy to miss out on some important extras.

Many of these have gone viral on social media as motorists are left flabbergasted by what their car has to offer.

These nifty tricks can save you time and money.

And it may well mean never getting caught in a tricky situation along the way.

Here are 10 of the best secret features you never knew your engine had.

The hidden umbrella in the door has long been a revered feature of every Rolls-Royce car.

But you don’t have to own a high-end luxury engine to have such a special touch.

Skoda has fitted a compact foldable umbrella to the door of its Superb sedan so you’ll never be caught unprepared in the rain again.

This keychain hack could save you a fortune if you ever get locked out of your car.

Many drivers don’t realize that peeling off the top of your key fob reveals a hidden key inside.

You can use this special key, which pops out of a section of the driver’s side door handle, revealing a secret keyhole.

The key can be used to manually unlock and start the vehicle if the electronic fob fails.

Different car models have different characteristics, but most have a similar one.

Some key fobs have a button that causes the key to pop out from the top of the key fob, while others have the key hidden inside.

Drivers are advised to check their vehicle’s manual if in doubt.

The famous “curry hook” was first introduced in the 1996 Nissan Almera and started out as a purse or tote bag hook.

But drivers quickly found it to be the best way to prevent their takeaway from spilling on the way home from the local curry house – and the media loved it.

The ingenious feature is still used today in current Qashqai and X-trail models.

One of the most popular small cars of all time, the Golf GTI has a feature you may not have noticed.

Each model has a golf ball in place of the gear knob as a subtle nod to the model name.

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