Wednesday, December 8, 2021

World Cup qualification last-minute shock: Portugal must tremble for the World Cup

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What a drama in Lisbon. Until shortly before the end, Portugal seemed sure to be at the World Cup in Qatar. But then came Alexander Mitrovic. The Portuguese must now tremble – and Serbia is going to Qatar.

Portugal must tremble about the World Cup in Qatar. Cristiano Ronaldo’s team lost 2-1 to Serbia at home in Lisbon. Alexander Mitrovic scored the winning goal in the 90th minute for the guests, who overtook Portugal in the table and are firmly in Qatar.

The Portuguese, on the other hand, have to go to the playoffs, which will not be played until March 2022.

That’s how the game went

The Ronaldo team got off to a better start, taking the lead after just two minutes thanks to ex-Bayern player Renato Sanches. But instead of playing further forward, the Santos-Elf left the game control to the guests from Serbia – and consequently had to accept the equalizer (33rd). Portugal’s goalkeeper made a more than unfortunate figure in the central shot by Dusan Tadic when he could not secure the ball and let it spin behind the goal line.

Serbia only needed one goal and subsequently proved to be more aggressive than the Portuguese, who clearly had something to lose. Nevertheless, the game largely ran between the two penalty areas. Portugal relied on the counterattack, but missed to make the decision with a renewed lead.

And so it came as it had to come. Tadic hit a fine cross on the far post, where the substitute Alexander Mitrovic hit the goalkeeper’s corner with a header, triggered a jubilee among all Serbs in the world and, at least for the time being, put the hosts in shock.

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