Saturday, June 25, 2022

Wild Proposed Trade sends Anthony Davis to Nets to found new Big 3

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Kyrie Irving’s future with the Brooklyn Nets could be in jeopardy. After the all-star point guard only played 29 games for the franchise during the 2021-22 season, the Nets were reluctant to sign him for a maximum contract extension. On June 20, The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported that Irving and the Nets had reached a “dead end” in contract negotiations. Irving has until June 29 to decide on the final year of his contract. If he doesn’t, he’ll undoubtedly be the hottest NBA free agent out there this summer.

Even if Irving decides to do so, the Nets could still trade him if they aren’t sure he’ll re-sign with them next summer when he’s a free agent. NBA Analyst Nick Wright proposes a trade where Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons go to the Los Angeles Lakers with LeBron James and Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook go to the Brooklyn Nets.

“If you’re the Lakers, Ben Simmons can play center. LeBron and Kyrie are reunited. If you’re the Nets and you want to see if it can work with Russ, if there’s one team that can shoot enough, it’s the team with Seth, Joe Harris, Patty Mills and Kevin Durant,” Wright said on the June 21 edition of First things first.

“And if it doesn’t work out, you buy him out in the middle of the year or just let the contract expire. This is a trade that I think both teams have an all-hands-on-deck meeting for. Our 2nd and 3rd best players for your 2nd and 3rd best players. Let’s see if we can shake the snowglobe because with the current composition, both teams need to shake the damn snowglobe.”

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The Nets and Kyrie have stalled in negotiations for a new deal. He has one full season left to play for the Nets since joining the franchise as a free agent in 2019. And missing half of the 2022 season has contributed to the Nets’ unwillingness to offer the point guard a fully guaranteed deal. ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith called Irving “delusional” for even thinking he deserved such a deal.

“And [Kyrie Irving] thinks he deserves a four-year extension, fully loaded on top of the $36.5 million. I mean, what nerves, what a girl. Speaking of delusional, I mean, that’s that guy, that’s Kyrie Irving,” Smith said during the June 20 episode of “First Take.”

The Nets have entered the danger zone when it comes to Kyrie. The situation could unravel very quickly if you are not careful. Irving has a player option on his deal that will allow him to become a free agent later this summer.

With the loss of all-star point guard James Harden at this year’s close and no guarantees that key players like Nicolas Claxton and Bruce Brown will return, the Nets’ roster could have significantly less firepower next season.

The priority for the Nets front office must be Irving’s resignation. By any means necessary. Letting it run (especially for free) could be detrimental to the future of the franchise.

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