Monday, June 27, 2022

Wild Proposed Trade Sees Bulls Country Top 5 Pick for All-Star

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What would the Chicago Bulls do with the fourth overall pick in this June’s NBA draft? That’s a question that comes up after the proposal to send DeMar DeRozan to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for that pick.

This comes from Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News and is actually a suggestion of what kings should do with their pick after being promoted in the draft lottery on May 16th.

That pick, Winfield writes, represents the Kings’ best chance of ending their 16-year playoff drought, the longest active streak in the league. Not because of the selection itself, which will likely be less useful to them as the top bigs are expected to go into the top three selections.

Most would probably be wondering why the bulls would ever consider this trade after signing and trading DeRozan last summer. There aren’t many reasons to leave a player who was in the middle of the MVP race before the All-Star break.

We also can’t ignore the fact that DeRozan helped restore credibility to the organization after years of mismanaging relationships in the league. He has made plans to take the talented Patrick Williams under his wing for a “summer from hell” this off-season and has set a good example with his mental health advocacy.

The public relations hit the cops would endure if they traded it would take more than just another regime change to undo it.

However, there is a scenario where the Bulls lose Zach LaVine this offseason.

They might decide their best course of action is to focus on building youngsters like Williams and Ayo Dosunmu, who have earned a second-team all-rookie selection.

In this extremely unlikely scenario, the Kings would have to involve the other players in order for the deal to work without the Bulls sending anyone back. Would both Harrison Barnes and Richaun Holmes and, for example, Purdue’s Jaden Ivey be enticing enough for the Bulls?

How about a pack that also includes Davion Mitchell, the talented 2021 ninth overall winner from Baylor?

The answer should be no outside of a forced rebuild, essentially leaving this deal dead.

This isn’t the typical guess of an outsider, although Winfield’s regular beat is the Brooklyn Nets. It refers to measures taken by the kings themselves, signaling that they are organizationally ready for the next phase.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski also reported that the Kings hired new head coach Mike Brown with a clear and stated purpose.

While asking about DeRozan could result in Kings’ brass being hung up, they could pursue another target in Zach LaVine. Sacramento signed LaVine as a restricted free agent back in 2018.

The Bulls ultimately matched, but they won’t have that opportunity this time since LaVine is an unrestricted free agent.

This would still require a sign-and-trade, which only complicates things.

While there’s a bit of sensitivity in this proposal — maybe LaVar Ball is right and the bulls need to get proactive — they need to complement what DeRozan is giving them. They should stay away from anything that forces them to take a step back.

Trading in DeRozan would certainly fit that.

It’s telling that what was once viewed by some as the worst deal of the off-season is now worthy of fourth overall pick despite the player it’s tied to being older.

What a difference a year makes.

This would still require a sign-and-trade, which only complicates things.

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