Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Warriors warn of big-money extension for Rising Star

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The Golden State Warriors face an interesting decision this offseason with rising star guard Jordan Poole, and some believe the defending champions should put the brakes on a big-money overtime.

Poole’s maximum rookie-scale extension would be worth about $190 million over five years — a nice pay raise for the former 28th overall pick, who is due about $4 million next season. If the sides don’t agree, Poole would fall into the limited free hand in 2023.

While the Warriors would take a possible risk of Poole jetting out for another roster, Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer believes waiting might not be the worst situation for Golden State considering Poole has a small sample size for strong play Has.

Fischer said an extension could take some time. He cited the last week leading up to next season as the ideal point at which something could go under.

Fischer isn’t the only one who thinks patience with a Poole extension is key. He also quoted an anonymous team cap strategist who believes waiting is the way to go.

“What’s the point of locking him up now?” the Cap strategist told Bleacher Report. ‘”He’s not Luka Doncic or Donovan Mitchell, who have proven they can carry a team. He’s near. If he does it again, you pay him. But prior to this year he was a borderline rotary player.’”

Poole averaged 18.5 points on 44.8% shooting last season and had 3.4 rebounds and 4 assists. While he had some rough patches in the postseason, he was an important part of the run in the NBA Finals against the Celtics, averaging 13.2 points on 43.5% shooting. He also hit his 3-pointers with a 38.5% clip, many of those shots from across the arc coming at key points.

Poole was asked about his future shortly after the final and gave an honest assessment of the situation.

“To be completely honest, I haven’t even been able to fathom anything about this process,” Poole said. “I was so captivated by the championship. We know it’s going to happen, we put ourselves in situations to be successful and everything else will take care of itself.”

That being said, Poole and Andrew Wiggins took to social media to celebrate the title by saying: “We’re about to get a bag!” So the 23-year-old knows there’s likely plenty of cash in store for him in the near future.

Wiggins could also “get the bag” with extra time this offseason, though a record-breaking luxury tax bill puts the Warriors in a tight spot. However, general manager Bob Myers made it pretty clear that the franchise is willing to spend on the right pieces — regardless of price.

“I don’t have to tell you what our payroll is. It’s pretty high,” Myers said. “So (Lacob) just wants to win and we’ve spent a lot and we’ve kept all the players we want to keep, so I don’t see that changing.”

Wiggins is eligible for an extension but will be signed until next season. He is said to earn $33.6 million. But thanks to his development into an all-around performer, he’s certainly earned a resurgence with the Warriors.

Wiggins averaged 17.2 points on 46.6 percent shooting and 4.5 rebounds in the regular season. More importantly, the former top pick helped turn the tide in the Finals with 18.3 points and 8.8 rebounds in 39.3 minutes per game.

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