Saturday, June 25, 2022

Warriors star Stephen Curry shoots at Boston after Game 5

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Stephen Curry might have had a rough night on the court against the Boston Celtics in Game 5, but the Golden State Warriors star made a statement with his post-game attire.

Curry strolled to his post-game press conference wearing a t-shirt that read “Ayesha Curry CAN Cook,” which was a nod to a viral sign outside a bar in Boston that said the opposite about the wife of the two-time MVP.

Curry declined to elaborate on the very deliberate shot at his rival City when asked about the shirt.

“You have to ask around the room and ask Twitter,” Curry said when asked about his post-game attire.

Mrs. Curry has built her own career as a cooking personality with published cookbooks and several shows. It was clear her superstar husband didn’t appreciate the shot at his family and clapped back with the good-natured dig.

Curry toasted the Celtics in Game 4 by 43 points and silenced a rowdy Boston crowd. However, he didn’t have the same success at home in Game 5, failing to hit a 3-pointer and scoring just 16 points. It was the first time in his career that Curry didn’t hit a 3-pointer in the playoffs.

“Of course that bothers me as a shooter. They want to influence the game in this way. But thankfully that’s not the only thing you do out there on the pitch,” Curry said. “I knew there was going to be some adjustments in how they were trying to protect the pick and roll because I got a lot of clean looks and they were a little bit more aggressive, a little bit higher on their pick-up points.”

Curry had a tough night, but his teammate made an appearance, led by Andrew Wiggins, who scored 26 points and tucked in 13 rebounds. Double-digit performances and all-around performances were also contributed by Klay Thompson (21 points), Gary Payton II (15 points) and Jordan Poole (14 points).

“The fact that everyone got up – Wiggs, JP, Klay hit some big shots,” Curry said. “Draymond has found his life and his spirit and the way he influences the game. We were able to withstand a 9v40 and me 0v9 as a team and still win.

“Obviously the track record says I’ll shoot the ball better next game. I’m looking forward to this setback.”

As Curry noted, he has rarely had back-to-back tough shooting nights and Green expected him to recover tremendously in a potential matchup that seals the championship in Boston on Thursday.

“A win is a win. Whether Steph scores 43-10-4 or finishes with a 16-for-22 shooting, a win is a win. Obviously we talked about helping him and I don’t think he was helpless out there like the narrative is,” Green told reporters after the game. “He was 0-to-9 out of three. He’s going to be angry at Game 6 and that’s what we need.”

Game 6 between the Celtics and the Warriors is scheduled for Thursday at TD Garden. The Celtics are a 3.5 point home favorite for this matchup.

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