Monday, October 3, 2022

Warriors star Klay Thompson is said to be making a big move

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Last year was a season of dreams for the Golden State Warriors. While injuries marred her season all year, it all came together in the postseason. Stephen Curry was back in action in the first round, Draymond Green recovered and it all culminated in her fourth title in eight years.

But perhaps the most heartwarming storyline of last season was the return of Klay Thompson. After two years out injured, he returned to the field and helped the Warriors on their way to another championship.

And now, heading into next season, he should be able to play an even bigger role with the Warriors. According to CJ Holmes of the San Francisco Chronicle, Thompson should return to form next year and improve his shooting splits across the board.

“Thompson has had a lot of time to get his legs back under himself this offseason and that should translate into more patience on offense and better efficiency.

“While he might find it difficult to match his 2017-18 splits, if he’s shooting at least 45% from field and 42% from depth, he feels possible. Defensively, last postseason proved he can still hold his own,” Holmes wrote.

Those predictions come after a season in which Thompson struggled at times with efficiency.

Obviously, every player who’s recovered from injuries for two years has to struggle in some areas. For Thompson, it was efficiency. He couldn’t shoot as consistently as in previous years.

“Thompson had some classic performances last season, scoring 32 points in Game 4 against Denver in the opening round, 30 points in Game 6 against Memphis in the Western Conference Semifinals, and 32 points in Game 5 against Dallas in the Western Conference Finals. His biggest problem, however, was efficiency – he always found the rhythm that every great shooter needs.

“Sometimes he disrupted the Warriors’ attack flow by applying too much pressure, resulting in poor shot selection. Other times he looked great but couldn’t blow her mind,” said Holmes.

Regardless, Thompson has still put up solid numbers this past season. In 32 regular season games last year, Thompson played 29.4 minutes per game. He averaged 20.4 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 2.8 assists on 42.9% shots from the field and 38.% shots from behind the three-point line.

But now, heading into his 10th NBA season, 12th including the injured years, Thompson should be ready to go. Head coach Steve Kerr even mentioned that Thompson should be more consistent next year.

During an interview with Damon and Ratto of 95.7 The Game, Kerr noted that with his off-season work, Thompson should be ready to play more consistently next season.

“Klay is on cloud nine right now,” Kerr said. “He can’t wait for camp to start and I would expect him to be more consistent this year just having that base of fitness under him and that consistency of good health and being able to train all summer.”

It’s safe to say that Thompson should be ready to go next season.

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