Friday, August 12, 2022

Warriors reluctant to trade package for Kevin Durant: report

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Another day, another rumor from Kevin Durant on the Golden State Warriors. Some fans are probably rolling their eyes now, but they’ll probably see what’s going on anyway.

No one should really be shocked. The Brooklyn Nets have announced that they want a royal ransom for Durant, especially after the Jazz landed four first-round picks for Rudy Gobert.

Since Durant is already 34 years old, it makes sense that he would want to end up on a team that can fight right away with the right characters around him. The Warriors are one of the few teams in the league to boast a masterful roster, along with young talent ready to take the leap to the next level.

According to HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto, the Warriors would trade most of their young fortune in one package for Durant.

“The Warriors have several young assets on paper including Jordan Poole, Jonathan Kuminga, James Wiseman and Moses Moody, but Golden State would be reluctant to give up all of those assets in a Durant trade offer, HoopsHype has learned.”

Who can blame them? This essentially throws away any assets the warriors had been cultivating when Durant left. Most of the fanbase would probably be against this frame of a pack as well.

On July 11, an NBA insider said on ESPN that he initially thought Durant going to the Warriors was unlikely, but after speaking to sources over the past week his opinion has changed.

“I will not close this door. There’s a crack, a lot has to happen there… I initially ruled that out ten days ago, but as I keep reporting it and talking to people, I’m now convinced not to shut up the door.”

However, structuring a deal with this framework in hand would be impossible without more outgoing contracts adding up to Durant’s salary of $42.9 million next season. Andrew Wiggins’ $33.6 million salary would likely need to be included in the deal for salaries to be more in line.

“Andrew Wiggins would be an attractive trade chip and coming off an All-Star season, but he can’t be put in a Durant trade right now,” Scotto added.

Until the Nets deal with Ben Simmons, they can’t acquire Wiggins. Per the designated rookie rule in the latest CBA, Durant cannot be traded against 11 players in the league.

The established rookie rule allows teams to offer a maximum five-year extension after their rookie deals expire, an additional year over the original four years. Ben Simmons signed his extension with the Philadelphia Sixers in 2019. Wiggins originally signed his extension with Minnesota back in 2017.

If the dubs were to trade for Durant in a Wiggins package, a third or even fourth team would need to be involved for those teams to acquire Wiggins or Simmons. The Nets are not allowed to use both players for their currently designated rookie deals.

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