Sunday, October 2, 2022

Warriors’ Draymond Green once thought Steve Kerr was ‘crazy’

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Draymond Green admits he wasn’t quite sure what to think of Steve Kerr’s motion offense when the coach first joined the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors big man shared his first impressions after Kerr took over as Warriors manager in 2014. The team had previously used a more traditional offensive style that focused on the team’s star players under head coach Mark Jackson, and Green said he thought Kerr was “insane” with the changes he made.

Green appeared on the Checc’n In podcast this week and spoke about the profound changes on Golden State’s offense since Kerr took over as head coach. He noted Jackson’s style was to seek out and exploit discrepancies for Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

However, the transition to Kerr’s more complicated and complicated moving offense was difficult for Green.

“When Steve Kerr took the job, I remember the first training camp, it was like ball movement, cutting, stop standing and wait for the ball,” Green said. “I catch the ball on top of the key, Steph on the wing. And he’s like, Steph, cut and it’s like, ‘No, dude, I’m supposed to pass the ball to Steph right here.’ And he said, ‘Pass the ball and move. Without the ball, the ball will find the hands of the people who are supposed to get the shots.’ ”

Green admitted that he and his teammates initially resisted, but they quickly embraced Kerr’s style.

“We all thought he was crazy,” Green said. “And then when we started doing this, you figured it out and you’re like, ‘Yo, that’s actually pretty incredible.’ Like, the ball moves, the ball moves. ball moves. Screen rolls, the ball moves, the ball moves. Ball moves. There goes the discrepancy, but no one really stands. And that’s kind of where all these flow attacks and stuff came from.

The Warriors were already a franchise on the rise when Kerr took over. After four consecutive under-.500 seasons, the Warriors had made the playoffs the previous two seasons under Jackson, despite never progressing past the conference semifinals.

As Curry recalled, Kerr’s goal was to make this team a title contender.

“As one of the leading men on the team, it’s a little awkward at first when you have a new coach,” Curry said on The Rex Chapman Show in 2021. “Because we’ve had a certain level of success, and he comes in and tries to give us the blueprint of how to get over the hump and become a team that’s fighting for the championship.”

Kerr was successful because he included everyone in the organization, Curry said.

“You see how [Kerr] how he handles people, how he handles people, how he talks to people, how he finds ways to make sure everyone knows their role and how he gets them to embrace it for the good of the whole team,” said the warriors star. “It meant a lot to me.”

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