Monday, August 8, 2022

Vernon Davis Reveals 1st 49ers Player Who “Can Dominate Any Era”

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Who would have dominated the San Francisco 49ers next to Vernon Davis?

Better yet, who on the 2022 list of 49ers could, as Davis put it, “dominate in any era”? Doesn’t matter if it was his era, the 80s or earlier? Is it Fred Warner? Deebo Samuel? Nick Bosa?

A two-time Pro Bowl tight end with SF and a member of the 49ers’ Super Bowl 47 team, Heavy revealed which 49ers player fit that description — and also shared how he’d been watching that particular 49ers All-Pro before he played college football.

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Davis holds onto the tight ends. He believes George Kittle is the talent of the generation who would have thrived regardless of the helmet, pads and stud design.

“I think he can dominate any era. I really do it for his intangibles and the things he can bring to the game,” Davis told Heavy.

How does Davis think the three-time Pro Bowler can succeed in different gridiron eras?

“You want a tight ending that can create discrepancies, and he does that really well,” Davis began. “He can be separated when he’s up against a defender, he can block at the point of attack. He is very good at blocking and running when he has the ball in his hands. He brings a lot into play. He can definitely play in any era for sure.”

49ers fans know all about Kittle’s journey into the league: from being labeled as a prospect who would be an “average backup or special teamer” to falling in the fifth round.

But Davis saw early on the potential of the physical and towering Kittle…before he came to Iowa City for Hawkeyes Football.

“I think George Kittle would become an Impact player. I actually saw him a little bit in high school and college,” Davis said.

And what did Davis then see of the 49ers’ future fifth-round pick and All-Pro?

“When I saw him from the start I knew he had what it took to become a really dominant tight end. And he showed it,” Davis said. “Now look at him and see what he was able to do: he can put up numbers and show his talent. It’s pretty good to see.”

Davis, who threw 441 passes for 5,640 yards and 55 touchdowns in 10 seasons with the 49ers, according to the Pro Football Reference, concluded that Kittle is one of two recent tight ends who reminded him of himself when he played. The other is Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce.

“Guys who can really widen the field and run after the catch,” Davis said when describing both the Chiefs All-Pro and 49ers star Kittle.

Davis, 38, will soon be wearing a suit and honoring the nation’s top prep athletes as he and legendary Super Bowl winner Rob Gronkowski will soon be hosting the 2022 USA Today High School Awards show, scheduled for Sunday, July 31 , is scheduled .

The event will premiere at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on the USA Today High School Sports Awards website, YouTube and the USA Today channel, available on most smart TVs and devices. More information can be found here.

“It’s going to be great to showcase all these kids,” Davis said. “I mean, we’re talking about recognizing athletes from all 50 states. It is going to be great.”

“Guys who can really widen the field and run after the catch,” Davis said when describing both the Chiefs All-Pro and 49ers star Kittle.

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