Sunday, August 7, 2022

Verbose Fox Personality Brings New Title To 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo

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A well-known and outspoken media personality at Fox Sports certainly found ways to get the San Francisco 49ers’ attention when it came to their quarterbacks in July.

Here’s what Colin Cowherd did: He went on his podcast with NFL columnist Mike Silver and mentioned how Trey Lance gets “arm fatigue.” That sparked an unnamed 49ers coach tells Ted Nguyen from The Athletic that he “never heard of it in his life” and got Brandon Aiyuk to troll those who think Lance’s arm is getting tired.

But now Cowherd has found his way back into the attention span of 49ers fans after receiving his latest comments and new title opposite Jimmy Garoppolo.

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Cowherd defended and praised the quarterback, who has remained the subject of ongoing trade and publication rumors — and spoke highly of Jimmy G on his radio show Monday, July 18. And Cowherd gave Garoppolo that title in the NFL.

“We all have those moments where you’re thinking something and nobody else is thinking it,” Cowherd said. “And you know, I think Jimmy Garoppolo [has] will now be the most underrated player in the NFL – by far.”

Cowherd laid out his argument, including his contract and how it’s really impacting the market.

“He has a year left on his contract. So if you sign him, you’re uninvested for years,” Cowherd said. “He’s going to make $26 million for a year, most of it not guaranteed…okay, that’s way below market.”

Cowherd believes there will be as many as eight NFL teams that will need a quarterback “after this year,” further fueling his reasons why Garoppolo could be an option. He quoted these teams.

“The Jets might pull away from their guy. The lions are allowed to withdraw [Jared] Goff. [Carson] Wentz might be out in Washington, then Tampa, Seattle, Atlanta, Carolina, the Saints and Giants,” Cowherd said.

Cowherd didn’t stop at Jimmy G’s availability. He then dove into the win/loss column – starting with one of Garoppolo’s recent wins.

“Didn’t we see him outplay Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau? Yes, we have,” said Cowherd. “He was 5-to-6, he outplayed Aaron.”

Cowherd then attacked the next narrative: the “he can’t stay sane” argument that pundits and fans have planted on Garoppolo.

“He has played in 15 of 17 regular season games this season. Then three in the playoffs. This “he’s never available” is nonsense,” Cowherd argued. “He played 19 out of 19 games in the Super Bowl year.”

Cowherd then laid out what makes a selectable quarterback and asked why there isn’t a market for the 49ers’ veteran QB.

“People, what you don’t want to be [as] A quarterback is incompetent, messy, uncoachable. He’s incredibly trainable,” said Cowherd. “He’s an all-star in the dressing room. He was available in 95 percent of games last year and stood tall for everyone in Super Bowl year. And there is no market for him?”

Cowherd ended his argument with this statement.

“Jimmy Garoppolo wins games,” Cowherd said. “I find it fascinating that there is no market for Jimmy Garoppolo.”

Cowherd then laid out what makes a selectable quarterback and asked why there isn’t a market for the 49ers’ veteran QB.

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