Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Unsung Broncos’ rookie is expected to help the team in the playoff push

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It’s rare to find a belief that an offensive lineman can help lead a playoff push. And it’s perhaps even rarer to believe that a rookie from a D-3 school can be a key cog, but that’s exactly what the Denver Broncos are hoping for as guard Quinn Meinerz takes over the starting moves.

The guy with the viral pre-draft workout video that was a round three pick in the Wisconsin-Whitewater NFL 2021 Draft, Meinerz will be put in the right start position of the guard when the Broncos (5-4) do the Philadelphia host Eagles (3-6) Nov. 14.

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The learning curve for Meinerz no longer exists as the coaching staff will count on him to consolidate the injured and redesigned offensive line. The game against the Eagles won’t be Meinerz’s first appearance in 2021 as he entered the games with relief, but going forward, the rookie will be seen as the cornerstone of the offensive.

The fact that Meinerz is now about to take a big leap in his development – he didn’t play in the first two Broncos games in order to be on his guard from now on – shows how much trust the coaching staff has in him.

Meinerz is on oversized personality that earned him national recognition as the draft approached. In addition to the dreads and the work of the yeoman to grow his beard, his charm also includes the fact that Meinerz is also known for how he proudly showed his protruding belly during his college career and throughout the Broncos training camp in 2021 Show posed.

But now that he’s firmly anchored as a full-time replacement for injured Graham Glasgow, Meinerz has decided to take the limelight off his stomach and focus solely on his duties on the field.

As Mike Klis from Denver 9News tweeted, Meinerz has put its “Belly” T-shirts on hold for the foreseeable future.

As Klis emphasized, Meinerz takes his starting opportunity so seriously that the external companies – no matter how important – have to take a back seat to his goals in the field.

“First and foremost, I’m a rookie,” Meinerz said during the November 11 media availability. “And secondly, I’m a professional now. I don’t go out looking for attention or anything. I want to hold back, earn my stripes and earn my place in the National Football League and earn a place here in the Denver Broncos in the future. “

At the beginning of 2021 Meinerz founded a charitable foundation for a friend that created “Belly of the Beast” t-shirts for sale.

“I wanted to raise money for a girl in my town. Her name is Alaina Shelsta, “Meinerz said during a pre-draft interview in 2021.” Her father was my offensive line coach in high school, so the idea in the back of my mind was that I wanted to raise money “for you . She suffers from GLUT1, which is extremely rare [deficiency]. I wanted to do that. I don’t really like the limelight so I wanted to take that and raise money for someone who means a lot to me. “

The rookie noted that 100% of the profits went to the charity, but he put the company aside so as not to be a distraction. It’s all football, all the time now.

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