Monday, October 25, 2021

Unrest at Bayern The curious story behind Hernández’s prison sentence

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Does Bayern soccer world champion Lucas Hernández really have to go to jail? The suspension of a sentence has so far been rejected by the court. Hernández’s hope rests on a higher authority.

On Tuesday, Lucas Hernández showed himself to be the proud Nations League winner on his return to Munich, a day later a judicial ruling from 2019 caught up with him: A Spanish court ordered the execution of a prison sentence against the world champion on Wednesday. The requested suspension was rejected.

The 25-year-old from FC Bayern violated a ban on approaching and contacting his girlfriend in 2017, with whom he is now married after the reconciliation. The Frenchman was still playing for Atlético Madrid at the time. The 32nd criminal court in Madrid ruled on Wednesday that Hernandez had to appear there on October 19 and begin his six-month prison sentence, imposed two years ago, in a prison of his choice within ten days. According to a court announcement, an appeal has been lodged against the enforcement.

The case is at least curious: in 2017, both the professional and his then girlfriend and current wife Amelia de la O. were banned from mutual contact and 31 days of social work because of a physical dispute. According to the court, the couple violated the ban on contact by reconciling and flying to Miami a few months later, where media reports said they were married.

Hernández was therefore briefly arrested at Madrid airport after his return from vacation, and the control system worked. In 2019, the professional was sentenced to six months in prison by the 35th criminal court in Madrid. This is now to be carried out. His girlfriend was lucky because on her return home, the Süddeutsche Zeitung writes, “the verdict with the six-month ban on contact with Hernández had not yet been officially served”. After the birth of their child in 2018, the ban no longer applied.

Bayern Munich did not comment on the legal case of his professional on Wednesday at the request of the sports information service. Should Hernandez accept the summons, he would definitely be out of the Champions League away game of the German record champions on October 20 at Benfica Lisbon.

It is now open whether Hernández really has to go to jail. His hope lies in the next higher judicial instance. It is also possible that the judgment will be converted in Hernández’s favor within the ten-day period.

Hernández took part in Bayern training for the first time on Tuesday after returning from the French national team. The 25-year-old smiled in front of the unit on a photo with teammate Corentin Tolisso. With France, Hernandez had won the Nations League on Sunday by beating Spain 2-1.

Hernández moved from Atlético Madrid to Bayern for 80 million euros. It is still the most expensive purchase in Bundesliga history. Due to injuries, Hernández has not been able to live up to expectations so far.

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