Wednesday, December 8, 2021

“Unannounced” jet rookie should “break out,” says analyst

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We’re halfway through the 2021 NFL season for the New York Jets.

There have been some ups and downs, but there are nine more games pending in this new 17 week schedule.

In these remaining competitions, it provides a golden opportunity for some players to face this opportunity.

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The coaching staff was amazed that Michael Carter was still available in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL draft.

We shouldn’t be so shocked that he did so well in a green and white uniform.

The former UNC product leads the jets in rushing (328) and is second on the team in both receptions (27) and shipyards (263).

The even better news is that this is just the beginning.

Maurice Moten wrote a column for Bleacher Report documenting unannounced players on each NFL team who have the best chance of breaking out in the remaining games on the list.

He selected MC1 as “the safest option” on the team because “he is well on his way” to lead the team in yards of scrimmage.

The competition in the backcourt is lackluster with an over-the-hill veteran in Tevin Coleman and an RPG in Ty Johnson.

Carter will have the most chances, he has the talent, but the only part of his game that he needs to figure out is consistency.

The 22-year-old averages 3.8 yards per rush, which is ranked 36th in the NFL, and his hands have been very inconsistent.

Carter has three drops in the season and that is the fifth most in the NFL this season. Most of those missed opportunities could have been massive games and that’s the missing ingredient to take him to the next level.

The Jets haven’t done well in the NFL draft for the past few decades, and that’s the main culprit for the team’s recent fights.

Although in 2021 the class looks like they’ll be changing that narrative. Normally you can’t properly rate a draft class until three years later, but it looks like Carter is a stud coming out of the fourth round.

If you look at recent history, he has a chance to be the best Jets four-rounder in over a decade:

Most of these players were either completely broken or just had a cup of coffee with the team before moving on.

The bar that Carter has to overcome has been back since the 2011 NFL draft when the Jets voted Bilal Powell with the number 126 in Louisville.

He spent his entire nine-year career at Gang Green and will forever be remembered as a fan favorite. Powell finished his career with 5,275 yards from scrimmage, 20 total touchdowns, and 211 receptions.

If Carter can have half of Powell’s career, the Jets will be pretty pleased with the outcome.

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The Jets haven’t done well in the NFL draft for the past few decades, and that’s the main culprit for the team’s recent fights.

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