Sunday, October 17, 2021

UFC’s Nate Diaz Reveals: “Must Be Wrong”

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MMA superstar Nate Diaz is poised to return to the UFC but recently tweeted that “something is wrong” with his potential next opponent.

Diaz and Vicente Luque the No. 4 welterweight have both shown an interest in fighting each other and it seems like it is inevitable that the two will clash at the Octagon. But according to Diaz, he still hasn’t received a contract to fight “The Silent Assassin,” which leads the UFC veteran to head over to Twitter and ask why.

“I don’t have a contract,” tweeted Diaz on Thursday. “There must be something wrong with Luque.”

See Diaz’s tweet below:

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Earlier this month, MMA Junkie’s Luque John Morgan confirmed that he was still awaiting a contract from his promotion to fight Diaz.

“If two guys want to fight, you have to get them to fight,” said Luque. “What else can you do about it? I think the UFC needs to find out a few things. I spoke to my manager Ali and let him know that I really want this fight.

“I’ll be ready in November, December, whenever you want to, I’ll be ready. And we’re trying to make it happen. I know Nate wants it too. He’s looking forward to the fights in December. I think it makes sense whenever he wants it, I’ll be there. I’ll stay ready and if it makes sense for the UFC I think it will because it’s a big fight.

“I may not be that trash talker, but I can fight. I can go in there and do a show. Fans will want to see this fight, whenever I am with someone they will see it. And with a guy like Diaz, I think that’s even better. So yeah, I think it makes sense. “

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