Saturday, January 14, 2023

UFC veteran on next fight against Jake Paul: ‘I think it’s happening’

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There’s a chance former UFC welterweight Mike Perry might get in the boxing ring with Jake Paul, Platinum said in an interview with MMA Fighting.

Perry, the 15-fight UFC veteran who holds a professional mixed martial arts record of 14-8, shared his optimism with the outlet. Platinum is 2-0 as a bare-knuckle boxer (and 1-0 in Triller’s Triad Combat) since leaving the January 3, 2021 promotion he posted about Twitter a signed contract to box The Problem Child.

“I signed a contract to fight @jakepaul but he changed his mind,” Platinum tweeted on the same day. Well, Perry’s tweets caught Paul’s attention, and he recorded a video message addressed to the thug. “Mike Perry, it could be your lucky year because Tommy [Fury] running again,” said Paul. “If only the fans knew how much money I’m offering Tommy and he’s still ducking me. It’s pretty sad.”

Speaking to MMA Fighting, Perry said he believes the contract he signed is for next month. Still, he said he was “ready” for the 6-0 boxer.

“I think it was mid-February,” Perry said. “I don’t know what to say and what not [because] I want it to happen, but there should be a really cool location and that intrigued me.

“I think it’s happening. If it’s mid-February I’ll be ready. I’m ready this weekend. I will keep working, road works, lift some weights, eat healthy, just keep eating and staying hungry. This is me. That’s what I do.”

Platinum refuted those who believed he forged the contract he posted on Twitter. He also told MMA Fighting that he received it in late 2022.

“I think it was [this past] December,” said Platinum. “People are still in the comments thinking I forged the contract. What? Did I type that? Do you think I typed that in? Come on man I can’t type this. It’s ridiculous, people will see it with their own eyes and still be in disbelief. It’s not like it matters. Jake has five pro boxing matches under his belt – if you could call them all pro boxing matches – he’s gotten a lot better since he’s been competing, he’s training all the time.

“I rested him once and I think it was going to be a great boxing match. I can’t lie, I’m a bare-knuckle boxer and I like to punch without anything, but with the gloves on I feel like I’m punching harder and I think it would be interesting to see what I could do.

Perry recently shared a list of fighters that interested him as potential opponents – some realistic and some not. He challenged via Twitter Kevin Lee, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, Darren Till, Conor McGregor, Paul, Roy Jones Jr. and Nate Diaz.

One thing Platinum has made clear is that he currently has no plans to return to mixed martial arts. He’s a real striker and told MMA Fighting that grappling kept him from doing what he really wants to do in a fight, which is “hit people.”

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