Sunday, October 2, 2022

UFC star Michael Chandler makes powerful confession about Dustin Poirier fight

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UFC star Michael Chandler has admitted his next fight is a “scary opportunity” for him.

Chandler will mark his return to fight against former interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier on November 12 at UFC 281 as part of the promotion’s long-awaited comeback at Madison Square Garden in New York. After an impressive front-kick knockout on Tony Ferguson in May, Chandler will look to get back in contention for the title with a win over Diamond.

In early July, the two crossed paths during the marquee card of UFC 276’s International Fight Week at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. A heated Poirier confronted Chandler in a heated altercation, who was captured by former welterweight title challenger Gilbert Burns before safety separated them.

During an appearance on the “DC & RC” show on ESPN MMA, Poirier and Chandler faced off online to try and clear the air between them. When asked by host Daniel Cormier about the upcoming matchup, Chandler shared his take on his opponent.

“I can tell you this, the guy has a chin on him, a long haired southpaw, bundle punches, great with his footwork and great with his defense,” Chandler said of BJ “I’ve fought people in his camp before, so I’m sure they’re talking about it. With Dustin, as he said, 28 fights in the UFC, I have a lot of Dustin Poirier fans/hey, I’ve been watching this guy for ages.

“We are two guys who have been in this game for a very long time, the last fight was the last fight and this fight will be something completely new.

Since joining the UFC from Bellator, “Iron” Mike immediately got to work, competing against the elite and getting a shot at the gold. His fan-friendly fighting style made him an instant community favorite.

Chandler acknowledged Poirier was a major threat and confessed it was a scary fight.

“I think Dustin can keep up with me, I think he’s got a granite jawbone, I think he’s throwing punches and bundles, I think you’ll get caught with Dustin Poirier’s four-ounce glove, you’re probably going out,” Chandler continued . “So I’ll be standing on my Ps and Qs, you know I like to mix it up, have a good game plan that we’ve already formulated. May the best man win.

“This is a fight, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t scare me, but that’s what excites me. Every time we enter the Octagon it’s a scary opportunity and that wakes me up early in the morning.”

in a (n Interview with Heavy after UFC 279, Celsius-sponsored athlete Poirier gave his view of the fight for three rounds instead of five.

“Yeah, I really wanted to do a five-round fight. Especially for me I like getting a rhythm going and timing. I feel like the better fighter unless something happens early in one of the early rounds, the better fighter usually wins from a distance. You can do this thing for 10 rounds, it’ll be the same energy that goes into those first few rounds.

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