Sunday, August 7, 2022

Udonis Haslem reveals the shocking story of a free agency meeting with Heat

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Udonis Haslem plays for them intense heat in the last 19 seasons. Since being drafted by the Heat in 2002, the forward has established himself as a cornerstone of the franchise and one of the finest mentors in the NBA. It’s what brings Haslem to the heat and heat culture that keeps him on the Miami free agents wish list this offseason, despite only appearing in 13 games during the 2021-22 season.

Haslem has been named a priority for the Heat this off-season. Bringing him back for his twentieth year in a Heat uniform is paramount to the team’s continued development. Haslem discussed why he stays in a Heat uniform instead of joining the coaching Ranks in a recent interview. In the same interview, he spoke about what his meeting with the Heat was like when free agency opened on June 30.

When free agency opened on June 30, the Miami Heat sent representatives to Haslem as soon as the window opened. Haslem appeared in the latest episode of The long shot Podcast with teammate Duncan Robinson and shared the hilarious story of his encounter with Heat VP Tim Donovan.

The immediate meeting came as a surprise to Haslem, and so he began to fear the worst when a black SUV with fully tinted windows approached his family’s front yard.

“I was in Orlando with my kids and that shit almost got shot up. I was in Orlando with my kids outside in the front yard and a black SUV slowly pulled up,” Haslem said. “I didn’t know who the hell that was at first. My wife knew, but I didn’t know. So I’m out in Orlando with my kids in the front yard…then I see this black SUV pulling up slowly. Now it’s crawling and it’s slow… and I can’t see anything! Now it has stopped and it takes him a while to get out of the car. My instinct kicked in.”

Haslem went on to explain that he was ready to attack anyone who got out of the car should the need arise. Then it was Heat vice president Tim Donovan to let him know the Heat would want him back for his 20th year in Miami next season.

“But it was all love, man. It was appreciative. I understand how people feel about me and what I mean to the organization. The conversation was about what’s next for us. Me as a businessman and what’s next for us as an organization and how we’re bringing that together.

Based on his comments there, Haslem is expected to be back in Miami, a move that’s as important to him as it is to the Heat franchise. At the final press conference for Miami, Haslem said he would take time to discuss the move with his family and then make a final decision about returning.

“I’m going to take my time and sit down with the family, Pat and Micky and talk about what’s next and where it’s going,” Haslem said told reporters. “Now is the time to take a mental break and find out.”

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