Monday, October 3, 2022

Tom Brady Says Why He’s Complicit in Mike Evans Suspension

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As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers await the NFL’s decision on Mike Evans’ suspension, Tom Brady is accepting his role in it all.

Brady’s heated exchange with New Orleans Saints defenseman Marshon Lattimore after a questionable call over an incomplete pass resulted in a brawl on the bench on Sunday, September 18. Evans jumped in to defend Brady and knocked Lattimore to the ground, resulting in the one-game suspension.

“If I hadn’t run down to argue with the call … if things hadn’t been talked back and forth between both teams, obviously it could have been avoided,” Brady told Jim Gray on the Let’s Go! Podcast on Monday 19

“There’s a lot of things that come into play and there’s a lot of mistakes, so I don’t think Mike should be blamed and singled out. Unfortunately, he was, and that’s just the reality of life in the NFL.”

That NFL memo on Evans suspension states that he “hit an unsuspecting opponent” in violation of the league’s sportsmanship rules. Brady also expressed his disapproval of the NFL’s decision.

“I don’t think it deserved any kind of suspension; I find that ridiculous. Hopefully we can get past that and get to a better place,” Brady told Grey.

“I think sometimes emotions get the best of us and I love Mike. And the fact that Mike is coming out there to defend me means everything to me as a teammate and friend,” Brady added.

“Mike knows how I feel about him,” Brady concluded. “Ultimately, emotions are part of sport. Sometimes they overcook, and obviously they did [Sunday]and it is an unfortunate circumstance.”

Evans appealed the NFL’s decision on Tuesday, September 20. The NFL will not announce its decision until later in the day according to ESPN’s Jenna Laine.

Lattimore was not suspended like Evans, although both players were ejected from the game.

“He was, but all I can worry about is my team,” Bucs head coach Todd Bowles told reporters Tuesday. “I can only control what happens on this team and not worry about everyone else.”

Bowles also commented on the brawl and Evans’ suspension.

“We don’t want fights in our game because if we lose a good player, it doesn’t help our team,” Bowles told reporters. “We don’t want that, we don’t condone it, and we have to move forward and try to find a way without winning it. But that should be a lesson to all other players.”

“It’s always a fine line. This is a controlled aggression game. It’s a controlled aggression game and you’re trying to protect your teammates, but you have to do it right,” Bowles added.

The Bucs could face the perfect opponent on September 25 without Evans.

Tampa Bay can easily count on the ongoing game against the Green Bay Packers, Laine noted. The Packers conceded 306 yards in two games this season.

Bucs running back Leonard Fournette shone for 127 yards against the Dallas Cowboys in the season opener and rushed for 65 yards against a tough Saints defense in Week 2.

Tampa Bay can easily count on the ongoing game against the Green Bay Packers, Laine noted. The Packers conceded 306 yards in two games this season.

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