Monday, October 25, 2021

Tom Brady reveals true feelings in Philly fans, ‘Dangerous’ Eagles

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Tom Brady is undefeated as a visiting quarterback at Lincoln Financial Field. Three road trips. Three wins. Perhaps that is why the future Hall of Famer had only good things to say about the maddened fan base of the Philadelphia Eagles.

When Brady hits town for Thursday Night Football, expect lots of “F *** Tom Brady” chants as well as a nice serenade of boos during the game. He’s the guy Philly believers like to hate, dare we hate. Brady was asked to comment on Eagles fans and his South Philadelphia business trips last press conference. He took the highway.

“Yes, they are doing a good job. They love their team “, Brady told reporters. “I’ve played there a few times over the years and it’s a great football stadium. It will be a fun game on Thursday evening. “

Hopefully he doesn’t enjoy it too much. Brady has thrown six touchdowns and no interception at Linc. Either he won’t be intimidated or the Eagles fans aren’t doing enough to upset him.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback didn’t limit his praise to just fans. Brady became poetic about how impressed he was with the Eagles’ defense. Jonathan Gannon’s unit ranks ninth in overall defense despite giving up 24.6 points per game.

The numbers are somewhat skewed due to blowout losses against Kansas City and Dallas. They chalked 11 sacks, including six from Javon Hargrave alone. Their line of defense is the engine room, which isn’t easy to close if the Eagles take an early lead. Brady called her a “Dangerous soccer team”

“It’s a really tough defense, you know they get a lot of pressure up front with these guys and they have one of the best D-lines in football,” said Brady. “So they do different things with their coverage. You have a talented group of players. Without doubt. And I think they’re kind of a rising football team. I think it’s a team where they are a very dangerous football team.

“They are dangerous, very explosive in defense. Fletcher Cox, Hargrave, Derek Barnett – I played against him, great player. You have a lot of guys who can hurry up. You have a couple of tricky little bolts of lightning. And in reporting, you really deserve it. They don’t give you anything. So it’s a challenging game. Absolutely.”

Barnett grabbed the ball after Brandon Graham’s strip sack in Super Bowl LII. Four games later, Jake Elliott scored a 46-yard field goal to secure the Eagles’ 41:33 victory over Brady’s New England Patriots. Game over.

Fletcher Cox made it clear that Super Bowl LII was in the rearview mirror. The Eagles haven’t looked at a tape for clues on how to do it Complete Brady

On the other hand, why should they do that? That was three years ago and Brady had a completely different offensive. Tampa Bay scored at will. They are much more explosive than the 2017 Patriots.

“Nah, for what? It’s a different offense altogether, ”said Cox. “I mean he’s a great player [Brady]. It is always a challenge to compete against him but we learned that there are 10 other guys on the field to do their job.

“For us, it’s about us, it’s not about them. You are a good football team and you just won. And we just lost three games in a row, just won, and it’s Thursday Night Football. I look forward to it.”

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