Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The Sixers’ Tobias Harris squashes “Keyboard Thug” in Twitter Beef

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Philadelphia 76ers star Tobias Harris has been praised for playing lockdown defense in last year’s playoffs. Now he’s slamming away “keyboard thugs” who gossip on Twitter during the offseason.

Harris let his personality shine by loosening this summer tricky math equations mess around Boban Marjonovic. He even went blind (in a good way) during a mix-up on social media. It was so much fun to watch.

And the most gratifying comment came in response to a brave troll bringing up Harris’ contract. He’s due around $77 million over the next two seasons, leading to this a sarcastic fan Calling it a “ridiculous non-tradable contract” before asking “How much is this player worth?” Well, Harris had an answer for him, and it was a good one:

The original tweet was quickly deletedbut the damage was done and screenshots were taken.

Harris kept the conversation going so everyone could take note of the unprovoked attack. “Keyboard Bat” shouldn’t be able to hide.

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Harris may be rolling the punches on Twitter, but the trade rumors are very real. He’s been mentioned on every potential outbound deal that’s starting to feel personal. While it’s true that the Sixers made calls and gauged the market for Harris, they never pulled the trigger. He stays through on the squad all the nonsense.

According to Liberty Ballers’ Paul Hudrick, Harris is “very likely” to return next season. He wrote:

There’s a good chance the Sixers could see old friend Ben Simmons in the preseason opener. The Brooklyn Nets are scheduled to host Philadelphia at Barclay’s Center on October 3 at 7:30 p.m. according to a press release.

It’s always a crap shoot-out about whether star players are suitable for exhibition play; However, Simmons has not played for more than a year. He could probably use the practice. That’s assuming the former Sixers Diva guard has fully recovered from his back injury and mental health struggles.

Simmons’ presence would raise another interesting question: Would the Sixers play their starters? Joel Embiid might just want to be on the pitch for fun. And James Harden might want to show everyone his Achilles tendon is back to normal. Just a few things to monitor over the next three months.

“I’m looking forward to an incredible season,” Harden told The Associated Press. “I don’t want to just go out there and run around and not be efficient and look old out there. I still want to be really, really, really good.”

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