Monday, June 27, 2022

The proposed trade gives a frontcourt boost to Heat’s limp offense

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Entering the postseason, the Miami Heat possessed many of the hallmarks of a championship team. They’d only been to the NBA Finals two years earlier, the roster was full of veteran players and All-Star-level talent, and the team’s defense had the potential to wreak havoc in a playoff environment.

In the end, however, Miami’s mediocre offense wasn’t productive enough to get them out of the Eastern Conference. If anything, it only got worse as the games became more important.

After averaging 113 points per 100 possessions in the regular season — a number that ranked 12th in the entire league — the Heat had a bottom-half offense with 110.7 points/100 possible. in the playoffs. Additionally, her three-point completion rate dropped from 37.9% to 31.3%.

Of course, changes need to be made if Erik Spoelstra’s crew hopes to return to the big dance next season.

To close the points gap and give the Heat a better shot at fighting for a title in 2022-23, here’s a potential trade that could bolster the team’s offensive attack, especially up front.

Bam Adebayo was criticized throughout the postseason for his inability to function as a viable offensive threat in the pivot. Even though he has shown incredible development as a screener and mailing list – and despite the fact that he posted nearly 15 PPG on 59.4% shooting in the playoffs – he has been constantly attacked on social media.

In reality, however, the Heat’s offensive problems lay in the fact that they did not have enough weapons to overtake the opponents. More precisely, they lacked players who can combine size with different offensive skills.

Wishing Adebayo could be something he isn’t won’t solve this problem. Instead, the Heat should embrace what he’s good at – on both sides of the ball – and then close the gaps by pairing him with a second great who has more to offer than 37-year-old PJ Tucker.

The following trade would achieve just that:

Wood was linked with Heat before the trade deadline with the feeling that Houston overrated him. At some point, however, the realization has to set in that he could run for free after the next season. If they want to get something out of him, the time is near.

A Robinson-Wood swap is said to have been discussed previously, and despite a bearish year, the former remains an elite ground spacer and a potential trading chip for the future. Meanwhile, the pot is sweetened here with a nice view/layout at Yurtseven and a moderately protected first-rounder.

Of course, the Heat have a lot to give up, but the Rockets are also doing them a huge favor by taking over Robinson’s contract. Additionally, neither he nor Yurtseven were in Spoelstra’s playoff rotation. So if you’re trying to win at the momentYou can live with losing her and a pick.

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Last season, Wood averaged 17.9 points, a career-high 10.1 rebounds and one blocked shot per game. Meanwhile, he scored 39% of his 4.9 three-point attempts per night as a 6-foot-10 big. The last Heat player to take and Making triples at this size/rate was Kelly Olynyk.

So, it’s definitely been a minute.

But there’s a lot more to Wood than bombing three. Last season nearly a third of his field goal attempts came within three feet of the basket and he converted those attempts with an impressive 73.7% clip. He was also more adept at getting the ball on the ground than most ballers his size, attempting 4.4 drives per game.

Defensively, he might not be a lockdown ace, but he has the height/length to bother people, underestimated chops as a shot blocker on the assist side and he also finishes possessions – he’s historically ranked ninth in by Basketball Reference’s standards the league season with a defensive rebound percentage of 30.4.


So, it’s definitely been a minute.

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