Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Networks were desperate to move into the off-season: report

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When the Brooklyn Nets learned that Kevin Durant was withdrawing his trade request and returning to Brooklyn for another season, the team made it their mission to add a veteran to their roster. After a dramatic season and offseason for the Nets, the team made it a priority to sign a veteran who could earn the respect of Durant and Kyrie Irving. They found this veteran with their recent signing of 12th-year forward Markieff Morris.

On Sept. 18, NBA insider Marc Stein revealed more about Morris’ signing in his Substack column with a surprising revelation about who picked Morris and why he was the one brought to Brooklyn.

Stein, in one of the nuggets revealed in his column, touched on the Nets and some of the behind-the-scenes information that went into the decision to sign the veteran up front.

“…it should be noted that the Nets considered Morris’ signing sufficiently important that I was told Nets owner Joe Tsai had made the 33-year-old a personal offer of recruitment. The Nets were keen to add a veteran who can earn the respect of stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and believes Morris has the seriousness to speak out when needed, like he did alongside James and Davis in Los Angeles ‘ Stone wrote.

That Joe Tsai is behind the signing of Markieff Morris is already interesting news, but Stein’s latest revelation was tied to the fact that Morris was identified because he is a player he believed deserved the respect of Durant and Irving could get while he was able to. It’s fascinating to hold your own against the superstars. Durant’s trade request came after he lost confidence in the front office and the team’s decision-making during the Kyrie-Irving negotiations. Adding a player with the idea that he’s the guy to go up against Irving or Durant might not be the best discovery for a player who’s already struggling to trust the organization.

In addition to providing details about why the Nets were pursuing and signing Morris, Stein revealed more details about his contract with the Nets.

“Markieff Morris’ one-year, $2.9 million deal with the Nets is indeed a non-guaranteed deal. According to my trusted cap advisor @KeithSmithNBA, Morris will secure $500,000 of that amount if he makes the Nets opening night list, with that number rising to a guaranteed $1 million if he still enters on December 10th Net is, and a full guarantee if Morris remains on the list after January 10,” Stein wrote.

Stein noted that while the contract isn’t fully guaranteed, he was wanted by Tsai and there’s a more important reason he’s joining the Nets.

Morris also brings additional depth to an already extensive roster. He joins newly acquired forwards TJ Warren and Royce O’Neale and a bench team composed of Patty Mills and possibly Joe Harris or Seth Curry and Nic Claxton if Ben Simmons gets the starting nod at center.

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